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Between high school and college I got a job in the mail room at the bank downtown. The mailroom was in the basement and there was a small toilet down there. I went in to the toilet, it was unlocked and Mr. G was jerking off to a magazine. The foldout was a guy with an erection. Mr. G yelled at me for not respecting his privacy, and wanted to know what I was looking at.

He was interrupted and the magazine fell to the floor, holding his pants he shoved the door shut, and made sure he had locked it. He told me to jerk him off, better still give him a blow job. With the magazine in his hand I sucked on his hardon, getting a hardon myself. From time yo time he showed me a picture, a hard cock in the mouth of a cowboy. Trying I was unable to get him to cum.

He stood me up and pulled my pants down and holding on to the tank of the toilet he worked his cock in my asshole. All that fucking made me cum before he did. He got a good grip on me and fucked me until he came in my ass.

Whenever Mr. G wanted a blowjob, he hit me on the shoulder with his magazine and followed him into the bathroom. In the mail room were an old disabled veteran and a black kid, they could tell when Mr. G fucked me.




i’m a 36 year old mother with two sons. 6 and 14. we are a very open, hippie, and stoner family. my husband (40) and i openly masterbate in front of the boys. last night (it’s 1 am where i’m from at the moment) i was bored and really horny. my husband wasn’t home but on his way. i couldn’t wait any longer. my 6 year old was on the couch naked and watching tv. i had an idea. i went into my husband and i’s room and went to look for my strap on (12 inches) and put it on. i went back over to my son and told him to bend over. he was very confused but he bent over for me. before i did anything my husband texted me that he was 10 minutes away. the thought of my husband walking in on his wife fucking her own son turned me on. i put my phone down and rubbed the tip of the dildo against his hole. “this might hurt sweetheart.” then i slowly eased the first 6 inches in. he was already crying but it didn’t stop me. i only eased the rest of it into his now stretched hole and move slowly. he kept crying and telling me how much it hurt. “it’s okay baby.” i told him and i started moving inside his cute tight hole faster. he stopped crying after he felt how good it was. finally i held his hips and started pounding into him as hard as i could. he started screaming “MOMMY!!” and i just couldn’t stop. seeing his small dick dangle from how much i was fucking his ass just kept turning me on! after 15 minutes my husband walked in. he looked at me and quickly started pulling his pants down to join me. “wait i wanna fuck him more first.” i said and my husband nodded. after about an hour i finally pulled out of his gaping hole. my husband smiled at it and quickly dug his mouth into his hole to tongue it. my husband couldn’t get enough. my husband’s cock (13.5) was leaking of precum. he quickly shoved into his hole and fucked him in every position even if he was screaming. even after two hours in he didn’t stop. my son’s hole was dripping of cum and it sounded like such a mess. i loved it. finally my 14 year old wanted a try with his little brother so his father pulled out. my youngest was begging for a break but my other son said “i want a turn. be a good bitch and arch that back.” my son wasn’t gentle on him. his cock (8.5) ravished his hole like it was his last. by the time everyone was done with him, his hole was a gaping cum filled mess. we never cleaned the cum out of him instead let it drip out of him.




I am Davy. I am grown now and have never had sex with few girls. Here is why. For as long as I can remember I was the sex toy of men and boys. I can remember as far back as age three and all of those memories are of sex with my Dad. So he was sucking me before I could talk. I was addicted to the feelings of being sucked and messaged by him. My dick was always hard at that age and sometimes it was hard to pee because of my contant or near constant erections. It was that that my wonderful beautiful Dad, as he later told me, that he could not help but take advantage of. I got weenie tickles even when I peed. It was orgasmic and when Dad would suck me off I would shoot pee like sperm. I had creamy white skin and long red hair and as I grew older I developed girlish curves. Sometimes he would dress me as a girl. Mom knew all about it and when it sometimes was uncomfortable at being hard or near hard all of the time, she would use olive oil to masterbate me, and it always worked to get me down a bit. But my little boy dick would later start to itch and get tickly under the head. I learned that if I complained about it, mom or dad or both would give me a good hard jack off secession and some oral sex. I loved it. From age four on, Dad taught me to suck back and so I did and I loved it because I knew how good it felt. My Mom used to spoon me and jack me off in their bed. Yet when I would wake up naked and roll over on my back, my corcumcised weenie would be as hard as ever and Dad took care of it for me.

So when I was six, the older boys in the neighborhood began to notice. It was summer and I was in the back yard wearing white boxer shorts only and a girl’s tank top with my long hair loose over my shoulders. A ten year old boy named Scott came over and he saw the buldge in my shorts. He said, “You have a woody don’t you Davy”? I nodded yes and he said, “Can I see it”? I flushed red and said, “But only Dad and Mom see me with a woody”. He smiled and said, “Wow! What does your Dad do to it”? I said , “He sucks it to make me weenie tickle and I do him too. We play weenies”.

That was amazing for him.

So he took me out of the yard to his back yard and into the shed. “Lets play weenies, you and me Davy”. I got a burning in my tummy and my dick now poked out of the boxers. He got horny! Oh my did he ever! He got naked in front of me! He took hold of my boxers and pulled them down to my ankles. My large erect dick shot up like a spring when it became free of the shorts. He was ten, yet my dick was bigger than his and very fat. So we started rubbing them together and kind of humping with the two undersides of our gay dicks rubbing and well he made me weenie tickle in a minute, so sensitive was I at that age and I cried out like a girl. Make dick do that Davy! Please I need you to”.

So I laid the bigger boy down and began sucking him. I sucked him for a long time and rubbed the under side of that sexy dick with my tongue. Then he was face fucking me and cried, “Oh crap I’m getting it! Dick tickle oh fuck me in the weenie I’m cumming”! He had gone into early puberty, and although he didn’t have any hair, my mouth filled with cum and I drank it like I did with my dad’s dick.

So then I stood up and said, “Now you suck mine Scott”. He got on his knees and he began to give me a wonderful blow job and my hard dick needed it. I hugged his head as he loved me and soon he had me cumming hard in his mouth, but without shooting sperm.

So I told him to leave and come back with some oil. Scott got dressed and left me naked in the shed. In a few minutes he came back with crisco. “Get naked with me and lay down”, I said. So when he was naked on the floor, I rubbed oil all over our dicks. We lay there jacking each other off. Then I had a thought. Why not fuck him like Dad fucks Mom. So I told him to get up on all fours. I came around behind him on my knees and pushed my hard woody up his butt. It was heaven as I, a six year old boy had complete control over a ten, almost eleven year old boy. I leaned across his butt and wrapping my small arms around his waist, I grasped his dick in both fists and began jacking my new boyfriend off as I pump fucked him up the butt!! I came hard again and I heard him in an almost whimper saying, “ I’m fucking cumming Davy! Jack me off”! He came in my hands and they were sticky with white semen. We were lovers from then on.

But word got around and the teen boys in the neigborhood were all over me. They always wanted to see the little femboy who always had a woody. I would never turn them down and by the time I was twelve and in puberty, I had been the desired object of many gay gangbangs, sucking and fucking and being left naked and sticky with sperm all over my femboy body, up my butt, down my throat and in my hair. And although I quit fucking mom, sex with dad was a nightly thing. I used love to edge him, bringing him to the brink with my small femboy fingers, and then stopping. It was torture for him and finally I let him cum, I would put the dick that made me into my mouth and suck down hard on the circumcised head and take his load of sperm into my mouth a drink. He would do the same to me and still does. It was a joyful erotic childhood, simply because I always had a woody.




I went snorkeling with my roommate when we were in Puerto Vallarta over spring break. He pulled my swim suit down and I almost drowned. Not being able to pull my swim suit up, he held me by my dick while we tread water. He told me that he wouldn't let me pull my suit up until I promised to let him suck my dick and fuck him. He hadn't come all that way to go home a virgin.

I wasn't attracted to guys, but I had to promise. At the hotel he sucked my dick and used his hand to get me to cum while he sucked me. He wanted a full on fuck, he wanted to lay on his stomach and have me get on his back and fuck him. He used some of the goop for his hair as a lubricant and soon I was fucking him until got to the point of having to cum in him. I got off and went straight to the washbasin to wash my dick clean.

He slept with me that night, and insisted on kissing. He held my dick in his hand and asked to be kissed softly on the lips, while he said he loved me. I had to fuck him again the next morning after we had showered, he just got on the bed naked and told me to get on him.

When we got back to college he insisted we were a queer couple. It wasn't open or anything like that at that time, it was quite the opposite. But he kept sucking my dick and I kept fucking him, and he insisted we make out and sleep naked. I slept naked with him for the rest of the semester. When summer break came I told him I was going to work that summer at my family's feed store. He told me he had to take summer classes.

I got letters from him almost every day. Big love letters as to how he missed me. He shamed me into sending him letters telling him what I was doing. At night I had wet dreams in the sheets dreaming of fucking him. I took a long weekend and drove to see him. I kissed him and grabbed his dick in his pants and fucked him right out on his bed that afternoon. I told him I loved him.




So this happened a few years ago when I got a part time job collecting glasses in a bar. I was a shy little kid about 5'4 blond hair and fairy scrawny. Think I was 15 or 16 at the time so I was masterbating alot. Started to find BBC hypno vids and would only cum to them. I wasn't gay and still am not it was just something about those huge black cocks that had me cumming so hard. Anyway where I live there aren't many black guys and I never found any men attractive but that was the type of porn I liked. Anyway I was working on this night and was a late shift so public transport had stopped running is I sheepishly ask if anyone was going my way for a lift home. One of the bouncers who was a big guy think he was eastern European or something said he'd take me. Anyway on the way home we were in his car just the two of us and we were chatting. He started asking me about my love life and how far I'd got with a girl. Me being a virgin and shy started to blush I mean I went bright red. He picked up on this and not sure how it happened but started to suggest that I actually liked cock. Now I was super red now and I told home no. I felt super intimidated this huge man calling me gay and suggesting I liked cock sent my mind straight to the videos id been watch all those years and I was getting really hard. He had this cheeky smile on him and he pulled the car in to a side street. I asked him what he was doing and as he parked he said " come on (name) if I pulled my cock out right here you wouldn't be sucking on it like a baby sucking on their finger". I blushed again and told him in a broken voice I wouldn't. Then I'll never forget it he said "let's see about that" and he undid his belt and slipped his pants down. I was trying to look away but he was stroking it and making it bigger and I caught a glance. It was huge I mean the man wasn't black but it looked just like the cocks in the videos id been watching of small white girls pleasuring BBC. I kind of did a double take and was so shocked I just stared at it for a while as he was stroking it. He said "come on kid I need to drain this snake and by the look on you you need this too, no one will find out." Still in shock I mumbled back "wow it's huge". And without meaning to kind of licked my lips a bit. He took this as a sigh to reach over and grab my wrist leading it closer to this monster. He wrapped my little hands around it and moaned "mmm that's a good little girl" I could have cum on the spot. He pulled his hand away and my hand just kind of stayed holding it. He said " stroke it up and down" and before I moved I looked up into his eyes and pleaded with him " no one will find out right?". He smiled and said "not if you do what I say, got it girl?" I nodded and slowly moving my hand up and down his huge cock. It was so thick and hard much bigger than my one. He told me to ask him if I could suck him off. I remembered the videos id been watching and they just kind of took over. I said " please daddy can I suck you huge cock I wanna taste it Soo bad daddy please". He looked at me a little in shock and laughed a bit then said "told you you couldn't say no you little cocksucking fag." With that I leaned over and put his tip I'm my mouth and began to such uncontrollably it felt so warn in my mouth so big and I loved it. After all those videos of me imagining BBC I had a real huge cock I'm my mouth and I loved it. He was moaning calling me names and pushing my head down it was such a blur. Until I could feel him getting harder and he said " gonna cum soon your gonna swallow all of my cum and not get any on my car seat you got that girl?" I moaned on his huge cock as he came down my throat. I swallowed it all and was a bit salty but wasn't bad tasting. We finished up he dropped me home and said he would bring me home from now on. I smiled and said sure but only if I could do that again. He said sure and said remember girl this is our little secret right? I said right and hoped down the path to my door.




I'm the youngest out of 4 kids, my older brother was 15yo and I was 6yo at the time. My brother and his friends had a club house in the woods. He told me I could join if I sucked their dicks until they squirted cum. There was three of them that day including my brother and I sucked all three of them off. The next day they told me I almost can join if I sucked them all off again and there was five of them including my brother.

As I'm sucking my brother's dick another boy was rubbing my butt and started sticking his finger up my butt hole. Then I felt him rubbing his dick up and down my butt hole. All of a sudden I felt his push his dick in my ass and the pain was sharp. He started pulling his dick out of my butt and plunging it back in all the way down to his balls. It hurt so bad but I didn't say anything because I wanted into the club and didn't want them to call me a sissy.

They all fucked me that day, one after the other, and they all cum in my asshole I remember is leaking out of my asshole when I stood up, and then running down the inside of my legs. The following day they told me I can join but I'm their servant and I'm to service their cocks if I want to join their club.

I became a full fledged member and I serviced their cocks daily and then on the weekends I serviced their cocks several times a day. Then they started bringing other high school boys over and I serviced their cocks too. One day they brought a older man and I serviced his cock like a good boy. Then that guy brought over a couple other guys and they all fucked me.

One day that man asked me if I wanted to go with him to his house and told me he had a swing. When we go to his house there was a whole bunch of men in his house and they all were naked. After I got naked that's when I found out the swing was a sex swing and they soon had me swing. Seven years old and I was in a sex swing being gang banged by at least ten men. They all fucked me more then once that day.

Right now I'm 36yrs old and a gay bottom.




I have been exploring my gay cum slut side as I have begun travelling for business again.

Recently I was in Jacksonville, FL for two nights. I was staying in a small motel, no lobby. I checked in about 5pm, jumped on an app and started searching for cock. I was very clear what I wanted. He must be a non-smoker, disease free, no pharmaceuticals in my room. My holes were his to use. I had a few who said maybe later, but eventually no takers. I fell asleep about 10:30pm, disappointed.

I woke up at 2am, decided to try my luck. Immediately a 32yo, about 8 miles away was very interested. He preferred topping mature men. I love being topped by younger men. He had just got off work and needed to shower, I suggested we shower together, and he loved the idea. He was on his way!! I cleaned out and lubed up, worked a couple fingers in my ass trying to loosen up a bit. It had been over a year since I had been fucked. I was totally naked and pinned the door open.

He arrived, entered, shut the door, smiled when he saw me. "let's shower!" he said and immediately was naked. A little over 6 foot tall, in shape, limp cut cock. I turned the shower on, it got warm, and we entered. We both rinsed, started showering, and I was washing his cock. He started getting hard and growing. Soon I was on my knees sucking him hard. After a bit he pulled me up, sucked my cock some (he was good) then turned me around. He had me bend over and he shoved his tongue up my ass. I was in heaven. After a few minutes he removed his tongue and stood up. I handed him the lube and he lubed his raging hard cock.

He grabbed my hips, pulled me close, his cock at my asshole. He slowly pushed forward, and he entered me. Damn he felt good, I moaned like a whore. He worked his cock in and was quickly fully in me. He told me my Daddy ass felt amazing. I told him his cock felt amazing and to use me.

He began fucking me, slowly all the way in and almost out, I loved it. He began to pick up the pace, pumping me good. He was deep in me and stopped. I reached down and felt his balls, so tight. "you need to cum" I said. "not yet" he replied. I told him to "fuck me like a whore" and he did. A couple minutes later he is roaring and cumming huge in my ass. I started cumming feeling his cock pulse, shooting cum everywhere. He finished and was breathing hard. After a minute he slowly pulled out. He had me bend over and spread my cheeks and he shoved his tongue back in my ass, driving me crazy.

After he stopped eating my ass, I told him to let me wash him. I washed his cock good and told him there was only one way to verify he was clean. I was back on my knees sucking him. I put his hands on either side of my head he was soon hard and fucking my mouth. He pulled me up, turned me around, shoved his cock in and pounded my ass. for about 15 minutes. He roared and filled me the second time.

After he pulled out, he said he couldn't go again and washed himself. Soon we were dried off, he was dressed, and I had cum oozing out of my ass. He left and I went in the bathroom and watched myself stroke and cum, a lot.,

I cleaned up and went to lay down, it was 3:30am. I smiled, it was 90 minutes from when I went on the app and had sucked cock twice and two loads in my ass. I was a proud cum slut.