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I was about 9 years old when my friend told me about her sister being so gross and putting Mayo on her pussy and letting the dog lick it off ... that story consumed me .. day and night .. we had a rotttweiler dog but being at home in a full house all the time .. it was very difficult to get time alone to try experiment with the dog ..

Until one day .. I got home from school and no one was home ! I was so excited ! I couldn't find the Mayo ! So I grabbed peanut butter instead ! I called my dog to my room and closed my door. I dropped my panties .. lifted my school skirt and lay down on my bed. I used my two fingers to get a generous amount of peanut butter and I smeared it all over my pussy. I parted my lips and called ny dog.. he wasted no time at all! His rough tongue started licking and licking and licking and licking .. he licked my whole pussy clean .. and when it was clean he licked some more .. I was blown away at how he focused on my clit- he even nibbled it I saw his teeth and he licked roughly on ny clit bud. He repeated it. My legs were shaking and I couldn't believe that my dog was giving me such enormous pleasure ! I was making noises and was scared my dad or someone would come home . But I also thought to myself if someone walked in.. I couldn't and wouldn't stop! That's how good the orgasm was ! After I climaxed I came to realise what I was doing and I felt really dirty and guilty . I chased my dog out and went to wash my Pussy. I was scared of germs !

Later that night .. when I got into bed .. I couldn't stop thinking about ny dog and I was so turned on.. I wished that I could call him into my room but I couldn't ! Instead I took off my panties and played with my pussy .. I imagined the dog licking me again and I climaxed quickly and had the best sleep ever.

Whenever I was alone, I went to get my dog for him to lick !

On another occasion, about 2 years later I was 11.. I was laying outside in the garden with my bathing suit - laying on my tummy on a towel catching the gorgeous sun rays.

I must have fallen asleep .. because I woke up with ny dog sniffing me - between my open legs whilst I lay on my tummy . I could feel the hot breath of my dog sniffing hard and deep, taking in deep breaths of my pussy. I guess my pussy smelled strong that day as I didn't shower plus I was pretty sweaty from the hot sun. As I lay on my tummy I moved my bikini bottoms to one side so he could get in with his tongue proper. My God he loved the smell so much.. this was the first time I didn't use peanut butter ! He seemed to love the strong smell of my pussy. His tongue was delving deep into my virgin juicy pussy hole and I loved it so much. But I needed more. I wanted to orgasm. So I lay on my back and took off my bottoms. I let him lick my whole pussy and he did such a good job lapping up my stinky pussy. He licked my clit so good.. he made me climax so quick.

I was so lost in my clit licking .. I looked up at the window which had a lace curtain and saw a shadow of someone watching me from the inside !!!!!!

From the shadow I could see it was my father !!!!! I got a massive fright and chased the dog away and quickly put my panties back on and wrapped myself with the towel . I was so scared to go back inside ! I waited about 2 hours and eventually I had to go in to pee. I went in and my dad was in the lounge watching tv. He never said a word and I obviously never did too.

I wonder to this day if it made him hard ..




Hi I'm Jennifer, I'm 20. I started watching beastiality porn a few months back- and I can't go back since

. I told myself it was just that- watching.

I have a dog named Ruby, barely turned a year old two months ago. I had a few sexual encounter with dogs in my dreams and eventually it led to me touching his penis. He seemed confused at first but eventually his knot even came out and! He ended up humping my ass that day.

I was so wet...

And since then I've been having private time.with him away from my roommates. Sometimes he tries to hump me in public and I go crazy-

Just now I had him lock my pussy through my jeans I'm so horny. Had to use peanut butter though.

Does anybody know how I get him interested in just licking my pussy?




i want to be fucked by a dog so bad. my pussy needs to feel a dog knot. and i want the dogs owner to force me to suck his dick while the dog is fucking my pussy so hard




Weekly confession, A catch up once again I have been away for a while Dog sitting for my mother, well I spent an entire week with two dogs my brother two of his friends and my mom's ex boyfriend his brother and his friends providing me with a least six fucks a day and a litre jug of spunk too drink at the end of the week.

The second week was spent being fucked by my dogs and the neighbours horse again, The final part of my being away was due to a medical issue, I was using a fuck machine when the central rod pushed through and perforated my bowel, well even in hospital I was still able to be a slut as two of the orderly's were very happy to be sucked off and one male nurse was ok with fisting my ass while I sucked him off, which was great a it stopped my ass from closing up too much during my week in hospital,

Well I am now back to being a proper slut and got to visit a dogging spot and sucked and was fucked by around eight different men and two dogs, being knotted was painful but awsome at the same time and the taste of spunk in the open air was great I loved it, I am also hoping to visit my wife's cousin soon as she has around nine horse's three of which are male so when my wife and her cousin go riding I am going o get ridden myself and when I get chance I will let you know what happens. xxx




Weekly confession 5.

one from the memory banks this week.

June, 10,10 st Georges Stafford.

Once again I had decided to be a pervert at work, I got my lingerie ready (black lace suspender belt and knickers with red trim and seamed stockings) and put it into my bag along with some heels.

I got my wife to give me a lift to work instead of taking a train so I could take my dog along with me for some extra perverted fun.

Once at work I changed into my lingerie and put my clothes back on to do my early patrols but around 8pm I did my first lingerie only patrol, I left my dog at the security station and set off.

I walked around to the gate and undid the lock then walked along the road section to the farthest part of the site where I knew there was a nice thick post, I stopped at the post that was meant to stop vehicles using the entrance and facing the junction just 15feet away I forced myself onto the post.

Seven inches of steel post slid into my arse and I spent a while watching cars come and go as I fucked myself.

I very nearly shot my load as a pedestrian walked by which meant it was time to go, I slid off the post and felt warm air rush into my gaping ass.

As I walked back to the security station my cock flapped around and my ass felt amazing,

I collected my dog and carried on with my patrol, as I got to the front of the main building I started stroking my dogs cock luckily it didn’t take much to get him hard and as soon as he began humping my hand I lay on the grass and started sucking on his long thick shaft.

Gagging a few times along the way I swallowed all of his sweet sticky spunk until he stopped spurting into my mouth, then as I still had all night I finished the patrol with the intention of getting fucked and knotted while on a patrol or two.

At around 22:00 I set off In reverse this time and once at the front of the building I carried on down toward the nearby main road just opposite the bus station, once in sight of the road I knew I could only be seen by lorry drivers ect so I got on my knees and lowered my head to the floor, my dog knew what this meant and he mounted and entered me in one motion.

He fucked away frantically at my ass until he suddenly stopped moving, from previous fucks with my dog I knew he was now locked into me with his massive knot stretching my bowels and sphincter as far as they would go.

He slid off my back and turned so we were end to end I knew to my dismay that he was going to be locked in me for at least half an hour.

Once he was out I returned him to the site post and did the front section of the site and once again I slid my ass onto the post, it slid in way easier and much farther this time as any dog spunk that hadn’t run down my legs lubed me up nicely.

I took a good ten inches of post into my hole until I pumped my cum all over my own shoes sending my knees week so I collapsed a little ramming I don’t know how much more of the post into my now wrecked arse hole, A few minutes passed and I got to my feet and returned to the security post.

At midnight I did my next patrol and once again stopped part way round to suck and get fucked by my dog, while I was sucking I noticed a pair of feet about six feet away and looked up, I saw a middle age man with a dog on its lead sat by his side.

I carried on sucking as I watched him take out his cock and offer it to me! I needed no more encouragement and took him straight into my mouth; he was soon groaning and got real stiff in my mouth.

I felt him pull my head forward pushing his cock into my throat where he began pumping his cum, a little disappointed I turned to his dog and began sucking on its cock.

I soon had a hard dog cock in my mouth squirting pre-cum into my mouth when I turned and let it mount me, It fucked me for a lot longer than my dog did and was somewhat bigger as I could feel it in my lower abdomen and could even see it as it went in and out.

As with my own dog it suddenly stopped and knotted into me, I spent the time wisely and sucked both my dog and this dog’s owner off again I was gifted with two huge loads of spunk being splashed onto my face while the biggest cock I had ever taken pumped the biggest load of cum I had ever had into my bowels.

Once it had finally dropped from my ass a licked and sucked it clean before asking its owner if he wanted a repeat performance, he said yes and for the next year I sucked and was fucked by both the dog and the owner twice a week and took my dog along as well for the third and best fucking I got each week.

I was so well stretched that I used the post every night to make sure my ass never fully closed and I could be fucked without lube, I never did ask either his or his dog’s name?




Weekly confessions,

Well It has been almost a month since my last post but I have been a busy little slut.

The first week was spent taking a walk each day and managing to get fucked three times and double ended once as well as a bit of all over sun lol.

The second and third week was spent looking after my Brothers dogs while he worked away, this was awesome as he has three male dogs 1 Rottweiler and two Bull mastiffs.

I spent the entire time wearing nothing but his wifes lingerie and heels and as she was at home she did my makeup, hair and nails as well, She also got some of my brothers friends around and watched as I was fucked and sucked all three dogs and several of my brothers friend every day.

The last week was spent at the field near my house being fucked daily by the Horse owners husband and getting fucked at least twice a day by the Horse including being fucked by the horse while sucking the guys cock.

Almost the entirety of may has been spent wearing lingerie, Heels and makeup with a cock or two in me somewhere, This reminded me of may in 2016 when I spent two weeks being used at a local truck stop just going from lorry to lorry being fucked and being gang banged at least once a day to the point that I only swallowed spunk for sustenance so I only had to drink




When I was 5 I had a friend come over and introduced me to sex. Pretty sure someone had been doing it to her cause we were very young but I was never the same after that. Although, she used to sometimes just use me for head and then get up and not return the favor. I hated that. But not getting my rocks off didn’t last very long. Because we had gotten a puppy. One night when I was sitting in my room watching tv, my parents were in bed and I was playing with myself, thinking of what me and my friend had recently done and how I was still so horny because she didn’t let me finish. The dog came up to me and sniffed my hand aggressively after I’d gotten done rubbing myself. He started to lick at my fingers and I moved them closer to my privates curiously. To my surprise he started going to town. He wouldn’t stop licking me. He would even lick my asshole so good and deep. And then when he was finished tonguing my shithole he would lick my thighs until they were sensitive, then scoop his tongue back into my pussy. He made sure to get every single drop of wet pussy juice from my little hairless pussy. And the deeper he went the more his top lip and nose would nuzzle into my clit. I was in pure bliss every time he licked me, convulsing trying to beg him to stop burrowing his snout into my baby pussy lips. It was like a drug. Any time I went to anyone’s house I found a way to have their dog lick me too. kids always just go unnoticed so I’d just pick up the dog and make it seem like I was going to go play and really I was exploring all the different kinds of tongues I could have inside of me. I used to love when everyone was napping and I could just sit in the living room with my pants down to my ankles getting my pussy absolutely devoured by anyone’s hungry family dog. Didn’t matter who it was, neighbors, family, friends, their dog had licked me. Years later I’ve thought about getting into dog sitting cause I love the thrill of having so many different sensational tongues in my pussy but people have so many cameras nowadays I would hate to get caught getting eatin out on camera.