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I am a cocksucker, love sucking the cocks of horny men. Have had plenty of practice ,loved every inch and every drop. I have a long time fantasy and desire to suck a dogs cock and see how it feels and how there semen tastes. If it went well and a real horny dog would like to be fucked real doggy style. Would be q bonus to do it while being watched and on video. So much more fun when being watched being a cocksucker.




I have had thoughts about animals before, sexual thoughts. But I had never acted on it. Until last year. I work in the veterinary field (surprise), and a client had to rehome a puppy. I said I would take it and see if she was a good fit in our home. She was a very wild puppy, took some time for her to get settled in. But to jump ahead to what you all really want to hear…

My husband works out of town. He’s gone up to a few weeks at a time. And he was gone when this happened. I was home alone, and I was so horny I couldn’t help myself from stripping down and laying on our bed. I ran my hands over my body, teasing myself. Letting the excitement build. I was circling my fingers around my clit, when I noticed that puppy peaking up over the side of the bed.

I don’t know what came over me in that moment, but I spread my legs, and patted the inside of my thigh. I sometimes wonder if she had done this before, because she did not hesitate. She buried her muzzle into my cunt the moment she was on the bed. Her little nose was pressed against my clit and her long tongue was lapping inside my pussy. Every so often she would move her head and her tongue would find my asshole, and focus there for a moment before going back to my pussy and clit. I was in heaven. I remember touching her head, whimpering “good girl”. Finally, she laid her head against my thigh, and her tongue found just my clit. With a cry, I fell over the edge. Even since, I have never had such a strong orgasm.

We no longer have that dog, but even now when I think of her, and that night, I cum so quickly.




I finally got so bored being indoors because of the weather I left my wife in the lounge watching television while I went into the kitchen and began sucking our dogs cock, when he was good and hard I allowed him to fuck my ass and when he'd knotted me I called my wife into the room.

After getting over the shock of seeing me in this position she allowed me to lick her pussy and ass, before we both had the best orgasm we've had in years!




Well I have made several confessions about my exploits with various family animals,

Well I now have a regular schedule for visiting both family and friends place's to satisfy both my and their pets needs.

Mondays are spent at my brothers place seeing to his 3 dogs and any of his friends who are wanting to use me, the best day by far I was fucked by all 3 dogs repeatedly while sucking and being fucked by my brother and three of his friends between dogs, I had a cock in each end for around five hours (06-12-21)

Tuesdays are at my wife's Aunts house sucking and fucking two dogs and three horse's as well as sucking her Uncles cock. the best day here was awesome as there were several family members there for me to suck as well as the animals and I took a total of ten different cocks.

Wednesdays are spent at my mothers house being fucked by her dog and her ex-boyfriend and his two brothers (all big Black cocks) while being watched by my Mom who sometimes films it.

Thursdays are spent at a local dogging spot where I will take any cock I can get and have spent an entire day servicing too many cocks both human and K9 that I lost count (14-10-21)

Fridays are my favourite as it's at My wifes Aunts again and her son and his friends run a train on me after I am finished with the Horse's and dogs cocks and there is usually around six of them to use me (05-11-21 started at 09:45 ended at 22:30) before I suck off My wifes uncle as he drives me home.

Saturdays are spent at home sucking and being fucked by both of my Rottweilers along with any one who turns up wanting to use my hole's.

Sundays are usually spent allowing my arse to close a little so I can feel myself being stretched for the rest of the weeks activities, or a return visit to the dogging site




Today I was at my wife's Aunts place on my own for a change, I arrived with my makeup and wig on along with my favourite Lingerie set,

My first stop was the house where the dog is and I went to town sucking on its cock and savouring the taste of its hot sticky cum, I sucked until the dogs cock went limp before I moved on into the stable block and found Horse cock no 1, I slowly stroked until the horse responded by starting to get stiff before I took its cock into my mouth, using my tongue I licked the tip as I pushed as much as I could into my throat (not as much as I wanted)

I received some great tasting pre cum and used it to start lubricating my ass ready to take this enormous cock, I turned and slid myself onto it as slowly as I could savouring the feeling as I was stretched as wide as I could go it seemed, I took a moment to allow myself to relax before I began fucking myself as deep and hard as I could, it took around eight minuets before the cock began to twitch and pump warm spunk deep into my bowels,

I returned to the house and again sucked the dogs cock befor going outside to the field nearest the house, here were the other horse's Two of which are male, I called one over and led him into the stable block where I again sucked and then fucked myself on what seemed an even bigger cock! I was amazed at how long this horse lasted before it began to empty its balls into me,

As it began to cum I slid off this wonderful example of cock and took several spurts of cum to my face as I tried to suck and drink its load. Once it was limp and clean Horse one was ready to go again and I pushed it straight into my now stretched hole, it was a much better fuck this time round. I was well and truly exhausted by the time I got my next load of cum and loved the feeling of spunk filling me and leaking around the sides of this amazing animals cock,

Around twenty minuets passed before I went out and put the horse back into the field and got hold of the last and most challenging of the three, he was HUGE! he was almost as big as a shire horse, I decided It was concealed enough where I was and began stroking and wanking the cock into life, I was soon faced with the biggest cock I had ever seen, my eyes began to water as I stretched my mouth around the head of this monster and tried to fuck it with my mouth, I soon gave up and turned around and slid myself under this wonderful animal,

I stretched myself to the max to get the shaft into me and slowly rocked back and forth taking around twelve inches into my ass repeatedly my legs were starting to give out and collapse under me as the horse began pumping its load into me, I had been watching as my stomach bulged with the size of its cock as it thrust into me but now my stomach was bulging as I was filled and due to the girth of the cock in me none was leaking out, I finally pulled off the cock and licked and sucked it clean as I felt spunk rushing out and air rushing into my wide open ass,

I went back into the house and got onto all fours as I sucked the dogs cock again, as I sucked my wife's Aunt returned and as she walked in she saw how wide my ass was stretched and knew I'd taken the big one! she watched as I finished sucking the dog and offered to make me a drink, I loved having a coffee and a conversation while I waited for my wife,

Her Aunt has asked if I can go back later this week and let her watch me do it all again...




on Friday twenty second of October I had an amazing night with my wife's family.

My wife had arranged for her and her female relatives to go out to the cinema for the night and for the male members to visit me, There was my father in law, two brothers in law and several of her cousins.

I was waiting for them to arrive wearing a black lacy bra suspender belt and knickers with seamed stockings and 4inch black patent high heels, I had very well done makeup and a dark rooted blonde wig that looked awesome.

As soon as they arrived I had a cock in my mouth which was very soon joined by a cock in my ass, time went by and I sucked and was fucked by all present when the doorbell rang, I answered the door myself and invited the two delivery drivers (pizza and curry) in to join us so they could give me more than just the tip if you know what I mean.

I soon had them both in me and was pleasantly surprised at the size of the brown cock in my mouth, after a good fucking by both I was positioned over the pizza guy and the Indian driver pushed himself into my ass alongside him, this left my mouth free to suck some of my wife's family back to life.

I soon had both drivers pumping spunk into my ass, they let me suck them clean before leaving, I soon had two of the cousins cocks buried deep in my ass and my father in laws balls were touching my chin as I deep throated him, now my wife had told her female relative what would be happening at our house and invited them back to watch, this was positively encouraged by my mother in law who had watched me before so most were up for it and came back to our house,

they watched me suck and get fucked by all the males present which included our dog which my wife brought in the room.

I while knotted by our dog I got to lick my sister in laws arse while she sucked her husband back to life.

At the end of the night it was organised for another night out in November with the action taking place at her cousins place as they have some large out buildings so everyone who wants too can bring a friend and even their dogs, I am hoping that when the time is right I will be able to suck and get fucked by my wife's aunties horse as well.




I want so badly to be tied down and blindfolded with my legs apart and my arms behind my back so that when my partner lets in our big Great Dane I can’t get away from his big tongue gliding over my body, lapping at my tits and moving down my abdomen to bury his face into my cunt. His tongue slipping inside my hole as he slobbers all over me. My boyfriend kneading my tits while the dog mounts me and fucks my hole missionary , his huge knot getting stuck inside me as he pounds away. My boyfriend filming me gets railed by him so hard I squirt all over the place.