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I dont care what anyone says the feeling of wearing lingerie and heels and spending a couple of hours sucking and being fucked by my two male Rottwiellers in the back garden with my neighbours watching is the best feeling a Man can have without his wife




4097 follow on = Well on Monday 03-01-2021 my wife goat a call from Anne inviting her and myself over for the day & when asked said yes it was fine for me to go cross-dressed and ready for fucking.

We only asked as her husband Dan is such a prude about my sucking and being fucked by animals, but when we arrived he was there...

Well myself and Anne went to the stable and I happily sucked and was fucked by each horse in turn before we went into the house, Now in the lounge I was sucking on the dogs cock when Dan and my wife came in and sat down.

I loved the fact that Dan was now actually watching me and I turned to face him and allowed the dog to mount me and fully insert his knot into me, now locked I asked what was going on?

I was asked by Dan if I wanted to move into the bungalow that is next to their home which their youngest daughter used to live in before moving to Canada, Well I looked at my wife who nodded her approval of the idea so I replied That we would love to, so as soon as is practical I am going to be in a position to take horse cock whenever I want as well as that they are buying another horse and a donkey and have asked the window cleaners if they would like to clean the windows and have use of myself once a month as payment and they said yes!

2022 is starting out a great year so much fresh cock and still access to all the usual one's,

Anne and Dan are now sorting out the bungalow and to prove he was ok with what was happening He allowed me to be fucked by the dog in front of him (I think he enjoyed watching lol)




#4090 follow on, I told you at the end of confession 4090 that Wednesday 29-12-2021 was going to be spent at My wife's Aunt Anne's place from 9am.

Well at 8am my brother turned up and was surprised to find me already cross-dressed in my lingerie and heels with my makeup done and an auburn wig all ready to start fucking, My wife invited him to join us for the drive to her Aunts.

As my wife drove I sucked on my brothers shaft and loved every second as we drove through a small town and were watched at a set of traffic lights, we pulled onto the drive at Anne's I received my first mouthful of cum for the day, We went indoors and I was greeted by the following list of people, the 2 window cleaners, three of the builders, the plumber, the stable hand, And a neighbour invited by Anne, I was also informed that my In-laws were coming for lunch time and there was going to be four more cocks there as well as three of my wife's cousins so in total 16 lovely cocks before any animals were introduced.

I started by going out onto the drive between the various vehicles and put a cushion on the floor to protect my stockings, I took each cock presented to me fully into my mouth till the balls were on my chin and Anne took a photo of each of them at that point, as I began sucking each cock properly I could feel My ass being played with.

I was able to make three cocks empty their balls into my throat before I felt the first cock of the day enter my ass as I was being double ended their postie pulled onto the drive and sat watching as I had cocks thrust in and out of my holes, Anne went over and caught him wanking as he watched and without hesitation Anne invited him to join in.

He quickly came over and pushed his short but thick shaft into my ass, he went to town ramming himself into me as hard and fast as he could before he Shot a huge wad of spunk into me, He pulled out and was replaced immediately and I licked his cock clean before he left saying he would be back later if that was alright.

I carried on sucking and being fucked for some time until everyone had deposited a load of spunk either into or onto me, It was now 11am and 2 hours had passed so quickly I got up and walked (very wobbly) into the nearby stable block And straight away took a horse cock into my mouth I was greedily sucking away when I noticed Anne watching which is something she has wanted to do but because of work hasn't been able too until now.

She had already taken some photo's and was playing with her pussy as she watched and as I was distracted watching her I was surprised by the dog mounting me and entering my ass in one smooth motion, A few camera clicks later and Anne was again playing with herself.

I soon felt the dog shoot it load into my ass and groaned with pleasure as I was filled up with Hot sticky dog spunk, this was soon joined by my mouth being filled with horse cum which I hungrily swallowed, I had too wait for a while before I could suck the dog clean after which I went into the next stall where the horse name Robbie was and I took his shaft and licked along its length before turning and sliding myself onto it, I took around twelve inches into my ass which was nicely lubed with dog spunk as I rode this wonderful cock I began sucking on the people's cocks again, as I sucked I heard Anne's camera clicking away every time I took a different cock into my mouth.

The time was now 12.20pm and My In-laws had arrived so I had some fresh cocks to play with, I sucked Until I felt the familiar twitch of horse cock pumping wad after wad of spunk into my bowels before going limp, I turned and took the flared head into my mouth and allowed spunk to run out of my gaping ass and dribble down the back of my legs, I soon felt cocks being pushed into me and loved it as all present took turns in my ass which included the now off duty postie.

Several loads of cum were emptied into my ass until I got up to go in search of the last horse which was in the field so I went over to the field and slid myself under it to start sucking its cock, as I sucked I was again mounted by the dog who's Knott slid straight out of my very stretched ass as he was still rock hard and cumming I took him into m mouth and pushed my ass onto the Horse's cock, As I rocked back and forth between these two animals several people came over wanked off and sprayed a final load onto my face before leaving, only to be replaced by my wife's cousins who brought along two friends so after an initial count of 16 I had I total at 2.30 pm been used by 19 people three horse's and a dog several times over

I went back into the stables and found the two horse's in there were now in adjacent stalls so I was able to position myself between them and suck on one while being fucked by the other as I double ended myself on these two massive cocks I lost track of time and kept switching ends until I had both of them filling me with spunk at both ends at the same time.

I left the stable and saw it was now dark so I went into the house and started sucking cocks again! I cant remember how long I was sucking but nobody wanted to be sucked any more so I finished by sucking and then being fucked by the dog again.

It was now 6.45pm and Anne's husband arrived home from work Now he's a real prude and wont join in but as long as it's all consenting he lets me do anything I want at his place just not in front of him,

so we left and as we drove home I called the friend I have who is a McDonalds manager and arranged a sperm burger for me and a meal for my wife and brother, I finished my meal first and we went to my brothers house so his wife could watch me being fucked by their three dogs, I went to town sucking and being fucked by them and when I had finished it was 8pm so we left and my wife asked if I'd had enough cock for the day "NO" was my answer so she stopped at the dogging spot and left me there, she didn't return until 11pm and I was absolutely spent and covered in spunk.

I slept like that until 8am the next morning.... cant wait for next year




Well today was a little different for me as the list of family members who fucked me is insane,

My day started by getting dressed in my newest lingerie, a black Basque with lace topped stockings and my knee high black leather boots with 4 inch heels, on went a blonde wig and some very sexy makeup and I was ready for the day, as I went downstairs my brother arrived so I opened the door and knelt down and took out his cock right there on the doorstep, I sucked him until he was nice and hard and went into the lounge where I knelt down and bent over the coffee table, this time I had his cock rammed balls deep into my arse, I talked to my wife as my ass was pummelled which is when she told me what she had planned for the day ahead.

as she spoke one of my Rottweilers entered the room and I was soon sucking on his shaft, this sent my brother over the edge and he pumped his spunk deep into my bowels, as he pulled out he was replaced by my dog and I was again being pummelled with a huge cock, I sucked my brother clean and he sat and watched.

soon after this my father-in-law arrived with his brother and both of them had brought a friend along, I started with my F-I-L and took him into my throat which had the others take out their cocks and start stroking, I started to take each cock in turn and sucked all but one balls deep but one was just too thick for me too take it all, my dog had been knotted into my ass for the last ten minuets and began to pull free and suddenly "pop" and he was out to be quickly replaced by the thickest cock there, for the next hour or so I took each cock into my ass and mouth in turn and had three loads of spunk in my throat and two more in my ass.

It was now that my Mother-in-law arrived with both of my Brothers-in-law who had me straddle one of them and the other pushed his cock in alongside him and my father-in-law presented his cock for sucking again, as I serviced these three family members there was a knock at the door, it was a delivery for my wife as she signed for the parcel she invited the delivery-man to come in and "use the slut of the house" he walked in saying thanks and I had a large black cock presented to my eager lips, I slid my mouth up and down this thick veiny shaft and felt both of my brothers-in-law start to twitch and spray wads of spunk one into my ass and one over my ass cheeks, I carried on sucking the best tasting cock present when my wife brought our other dog in and I took turns on them both, as the dog got hard I felt the thick shaft I had just been slobbering on being pushed into my ass, O M G this was almost as big as a horse but more controlled as it was slid fully in and out of me, My dogs cock was spurting pre-cum into my mouth and I was moaning like the total slut I am, it was only 11am and I had already been used by eight men and two dogs while being watched by my wife and mother-in-law, the delivery man began humping faster and suddenly forced hi entire shat balls deep into me as he emptied his balls into me, My brother was ready for another go and put his cock in my mouth as my wife's phone rang.

It was my mother on the phone letting my wife know she was outside with her current boyfriend (Indian) and her ex-boyfriend and his two brothers (black) she had also brought her boyfriends dog, so I was now being used by almost every male member of my family and watched by My wife her mother and my mother, about half an hour later and I was sucking on two black cocks while fucking one black and one brown which was stretching my ass wide, I sucked and fucked these wonderful cocks for almost an hour when one by one they sprayed their thick sticky spunk onto my face, it was only know surrounded by eleven cocks and two dogs that my Mothers boyfriends dog was brought in.

A Great Dane with the biggest cock I had ever seen that wasn't attached to a horse was standing in front of me I took its cock into my mouth and struggled to breath as it was so big, I soon had it nice and hard and for the first time ever I was standing bent over with a huge cock being guided into my ass by my wife, this was fucking amazing it stretched me as far as anything I had ever fucked and I was loving it.

I was soon knotted and could see a bulge in my lower stomach that twitched every time the Dog sprayed yet more cum into me, I beckoned my brother over and took his cock into my mouth and sucked him till he cam onto my face and proceeded to repeat this with every cock available, I took a load off cum from every one of those eleven cocks and still wanted to suck my dogs to complete the set of every cock I had already fucked which is when I saw my Mother and Mother-in-law each with one of my dogs knotted into their asses and couldn't wait for them to pull free as I got to lick and suck dog spunk from their asses for the first time and was surprised to find them both full of spunk from several of the cocks present and was told that each others family and friend had filled them for me.

It was now 3pm ad they all started to leave I was exhausted and both covered and full of lovely warm sticky spunk, I curled up for a quick sleep and dreamt about the day I had just had and was awoken by my wife who was ready to go out she said "come on" and she took me by the hand and out to the car, It was 5pm and we were soon at the dogging spot where I got to suck and be fucked by five total strangers and two more dogs, on the way home my wife told me that tomorrow Wednesday 29-12-2021 I was going to spend the day sucking and fucking her Aunts horse's cocks and those of all the people who work for her ie window cleaner x 2, gardeners x 3 the stable hand and the builders who built the stables 4 and the electrician and plumber and possibly the farrier and vet who have all been invited along with any family members who are up for it so starting at 9am sharp I should be full off cock for around ten hours + wish me good look and good fucking




I got a call from a friend who is a stand in manager for McDonalds, he is currently the night manager at a large store staffed mainly by black, Pakistani and Polish males, anyway it was an invite to go and get a "happy meal" so off I went,

I arrived at the store wearing black lacy lingerie with seamed stockings and 4inch heels on as well as a long blonde wig and my makeup was sorted! oh I am male by the way,

Anyway I waited for the carpark to go quiet and walked into the store wearing nothing but the above mentioned items, I spent the next two hours sucking and being fucked balls deep in the ass by every one who wanted it, at one point I was sucking off the drive through worker as he was taking orders,

As the night drew to a close I was presented with a Big mac that was dripping with cum and a Large drink of "milkshake" they had been planning this for a while as it was a large and it was nothing but spunk, I eagerly ate my Burger and got some "special sauce" pumped onto my fries before I slurped the whole sperm shake, I walked back to my car with cum dripping from my ass and a lovely belly full off cum, but before I left I waited for the store to close and got a showering of spunk from around eight staff members and a couple of customers who I had been sucking as I waited




Weekly confession, A catch up once again I have been away for a while Dog sitting for my mother, well I spent an entire week with two dogs my brother two of his friends and my mom's ex boyfriend his brother and his friends providing me with a least six fucks a day and a litre jug of spunk too drink at the end of the week.

The second week was spent being fucked by my dogs and the neighbours horse again, The final part of my being away was due to a medical issue, I was using a fuck machine when the central rod pushed through and perforated my bowel, well even in hospital I was still able to be a slut as two of the orderly's were very happy to be sucked off and one male nurse was ok with fisting my ass while I sucked him off, which was great a it stopped my ass from closing up too much during my week in hospital,

Well I am now back to being a proper slut and got to visit a dogging spot and sucked and was fucked by around eight different men and two dogs, being knotted was painful but awsome at the same time and the taste of spunk in the open air was great I loved it, I am also hoping to visit my wife's cousin soon as she has around nine horse's three of which are male so when my wife and her cousin go riding I am going o get ridden myself and when I get chance I will let you know what happens. xxx




Weekly confession 5.

one from the memory banks this week.

June, 10,10 st Georges Stafford.

Once again I had decided to be a pervert at work, I got my lingerie ready (black lace suspender belt and knickers with red trim and seamed stockings) and put it into my bag along with some heels.

I got my wife to give me a lift to work instead of taking a train so I could take my dog along with me for some extra perverted fun.

Once at work I changed into my lingerie and put my clothes back on to do my early patrols but around 8pm I did my first lingerie only patrol, I left my dog at the security station and set off.

I walked around to the gate and undid the lock then walked along the road section to the farthest part of the site where I knew there was a nice thick post, I stopped at the post that was meant to stop vehicles using the entrance and facing the junction just 15feet away I forced myself onto the post.

Seven inches of steel post slid into my arse and I spent a while watching cars come and go as I fucked myself.

I very nearly shot my load as a pedestrian walked by which meant it was time to go, I slid off the post and felt warm air rush into my gaping ass.

As I walked back to the security station my cock flapped around and my ass felt amazing,

I collected my dog and carried on with my patrol, as I got to the front of the main building I started stroking my dogs cock luckily it didn’t take much to get him hard and as soon as he began humping my hand I lay on the grass and started sucking on his long thick shaft.

Gagging a few times along the way I swallowed all of his sweet sticky spunk until he stopped spurting into my mouth, then as I still had all night I finished the patrol with the intention of getting fucked and knotted while on a patrol or two.

At around 22:00 I set off In reverse this time and once at the front of the building I carried on down toward the nearby main road just opposite the bus station, once in sight of the road I knew I could only be seen by lorry drivers ect so I got on my knees and lowered my head to the floor, my dog knew what this meant and he mounted and entered me in one motion.

He fucked away frantically at my ass until he suddenly stopped moving, from previous fucks with my dog I knew he was now locked into me with his massive knot stretching my bowels and sphincter as far as they would go.

He slid off my back and turned so we were end to end I knew to my dismay that he was going to be locked in me for at least half an hour.

Once he was out I returned him to the site post and did the front section of the site and once again I slid my ass onto the post, it slid in way easier and much farther this time as any dog spunk that hadn’t run down my legs lubed me up nicely.

I took a good ten inches of post into my hole until I pumped my cum all over my own shoes sending my knees week so I collapsed a little ramming I don’t know how much more of the post into my now wrecked arse hole, A few minutes passed and I got to my feet and returned to the security post.

At midnight I did my next patrol and once again stopped part way round to suck and get fucked by my dog, while I was sucking I noticed a pair of feet about six feet away and looked up, I saw a middle age man with a dog on its lead sat by his side.

I carried on sucking as I watched him take out his cock and offer it to me! I needed no more encouragement and took him straight into my mouth; he was soon groaning and got real stiff in my mouth.

I felt him pull my head forward pushing his cock into my throat where he began pumping his cum, a little disappointed I turned to his dog and began sucking on its cock.

I soon had a hard dog cock in my mouth squirting pre-cum into my mouth when I turned and let it mount me, It fucked me for a lot longer than my dog did and was somewhat bigger as I could feel it in my lower abdomen and could even see it as it went in and out.

As with my own dog it suddenly stopped and knotted into me, I spent the time wisely and sucked both my dog and this dog’s owner off again I was gifted with two huge loads of spunk being splashed onto my face while the biggest cock I had ever taken pumped the biggest load of cum I had ever had into my bowels.

Once it had finally dropped from my ass a licked and sucked it clean before asking its owner if he wanted a repeat performance, he said yes and for the next year I sucked and was fucked by both the dog and the owner twice a week and took my dog along as well for the third and best fucking I got each week.

I was so well stretched that I used the post every night to make sure my ass never fully closed and I could be fucked without lube, I never did ask either his or his dog’s name?