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Hi I (male 45) have been given an ultimatum by my wife of twenty years.

For context I have always crossdressed and my wife has always known, I had never had sex outside of our marriage and only ever voiced my fantasies to her while having sex together.

Two years ago now my wife's medical condition meant we could no longer have sex! my wife told me then that if I was horny she would be ok with me acting out some of my fantasies in front of her.

I now have several sessions a week where I crossdress and am either gangbanged by a local "gang" for want of a better description of black men sometimes as many as eight in a day.

I also have regular sex with our two male Rottweilers and sometimes our neighbour and his dog come around and spit roast me in our garden, my wife has watched and sometimes even enjoyed seeing me being used as a cum dump.

Recently however she has complained that I want to go too far as I have expressed the desire to both suck and be fucked by a horse cock and that I have too much sex, as Her carer as well as husband I doo care what she thinks but I have already arranged a weekend away for us in a country cottage with both our dogs, six well hug black guys and access to a horse and I AM going to spend the whole time dressed as a slut with as much cock in me and cum on me as I can take.

The idea is I will decide which I prefer Human, Dog or horse cock and just stick to which ever I choose after which will mean less sex but better enjoyment, I will write an account of my weekend and tell you the result later, XXX




For my birthday this year my wife had organised a trip to Hungary, the reasons for this are simple it is one of the few countries where bestiality is LEGAL!, to give context I am a mid fifties crossdressing slut, I have regular sex with male relatives and animals of various types.

The trip my wife had booked was a two week stay at a farm / animal brothel, I had a total of

55 hours with any animal I wanted over the two week stay, I decided to split my time into eight six hour days and a final seven hour day this left four days to look around the area after taking day one to settle in,

Day two I woke at 7am and began dressing in my lingerie and heels, I then did my makeup and put on my blonde wig before breakfast, After breakfast I was given a second "menu" this was a list of animals available for sex,

I went straight to the male section and chose two large dog breeds that I had never had before,

I was soon in an outbuilding with two dog handlers and a pair of Caucasian shepherds, I was eager to start and soon had a wonderful dog cock in my mouth, as I licked and sucked I was asked did I want to suck and be fucked by the handlers as well!

I soon had a cock in my ass stretching me a little before I could take the dogs cock, 5 minutes later and I had a load of cum in my ass which helped the dog slide in quickly, a few frantic minutes of humping later and I was knotted and sucking the handlers cock clean, I beckoned the other handler to bring the other dog closer and soon had its cock in my mouth, I was loving being spit-roasted with dog cocks and when the first knot slid from my ass I had it replaced quickly with the second dogs cock and greedily licked and sucked the first dog clean.

Once knotted by dog 2 I sucked the two handlers cocks and took their loads on my face before I got to lick and suck dog two clean, I was used repeatedly by both dogs for almost three hours before I had a break for lunch the afternoon was spent in a similar way but I was in a local villagers home being fucked by three locals and two mix breed dogs this action went on past the three hour mark but as all involved were happy I didn't get any extra charges.




Two months ago while driving home from a night out dogging with my wife we were in an accident, The car has been fixed but our insurance company are only paying for half of the bill as there was some minor damage before the latest crash.

Well we were going to struggle to pay the outstanding labour bill until my wife asked Dan the mechanic if we could come to some arrangement to settle the bill, after some discussion he agreed to having his and his two workmates cocks sucked every Friday for six months.

After the first month my wife fell ill with covid so I called Dan to explain the situation and was simply told that someone looking like a slut had better be there to suck their cocks or bring the cash to pay the bill, I talked to my wife about it and she said "you always wanted to be a slut here's you're chance"

I called Dan and asked if they would be ok with a crossdresser taking my wife's place on Friday and received a msg back saying yes, Friday lunchtime came around and I was ready to go, I had on a black Basque and seamed stockings with a skimpy G string, over that I had on a short black dress and a blonde wig my makeup was quite good and I chose a matching handbag and shoes.

I arrived at the garage and went into the office, My dress was removed and I was bent over the office chair and presented with two hard cocks ready for sucking, I licked and sucked each in turn for a while before the thicker of the two was pushed balls deep into my throat and pumped its load into my throat, I swallowed it gratefully and turned my attention to the other cock which wasn't as thick but was longer I was again being throat fucked when I felt my G string being pulled aside, I went to move to prevent this but my wrists and ankles had been tied to the chair.

I wasn't able to move and couldn't say no as I had my mouth and throat full of cock, I soon had Dan's cock being pushed into my ass I relaxed and allowed it in and was actually enjoying being double ended. Soon after this started I was untied and directed to a rug and told to straddle Dan and sit on his cock, I slid his shaft into my ass and felt it being joined by the longer cock of Mick I think his name is.

As I rode these two cocks in my ass the first and thicker cock re entered the office and he had someone else with him, they both presented their cocks for sucking which I happily did and for the next hour or so I was continually used by these four cocks and had several loads of cum sprayed onto my face.

Dan drove me home and had me suck his cock while he spoke to my wife, he came up with a new deal and now we both spend our Friday evenings at the garage where she sucks two cocks and I get to suck and be fucked in the ass by three as Dan had taken on his brother as an apprentice but we get all our repairs and servicing done for free




Not too long ago I wrote a series of confessions about my rather perverted sex life and called it Weekly Confessions I'm not sur how many I wrote but got fed up with comments calling the "stories" but here I am again as I loved writing my experience's down for others to read,

Now a catch up I am an early fifties married male, I'm also a crossdressing slut who loves incest, bestiality, dogging, and most other things considered perverted by most.

My wife and I moved into a cottage on her aunt's property which gave me regular access to her horse's and dog as well as my own, well since then they have added a few extra animals just for me to suck and fuck with, I can now have any or all of the following on a daily basis.

Dogs x 3, Horse's x 3, Alpaca x 1, Pig x 1, Donkey x 1 & occasionally the neighbours Bull, I also have on average six men that will let me suck & get fucked by them, now not a day passes where I dont have animal cock in my ass & due to my wife's medical condition preventing me having sex with her I get to fuck her aunt whenever I want as well.




In confession #3419 I told of the day I set a personal record for the number of dogs I had fuck me in a single day,

The dogs I had that day were all greyhounds except for my own two Rottweilers, well this time around I have had a maximum of two of each breed.

I got it all arranged with some "friends" and a few family members who know what I love doing,

at 08:30 on Tuesday 01/11/2022 I began my day by getting dressed as Marcy (I'm a married male crossdressing slut) and once ready I got my wife to take pictures of me sucking and being fucked in the ass by both of our current Rottweilers, almost an hour later we were in the car going to my brother's place.

My brother has three dogs now a Boxer a Bull terrier and he now has a Cane Corso. I took them in size order and soon had Bull terrier cum flooding into my bowels, I was able to suck the Bull terrier as the Boxer mounted, fucked and knotted into my ass, I sucked until the bull terrier went limp and then I deep throated my brother's cock and as his Boxer was filling me with even more hot sweet dog cum I received a load of cum into my throat, last but not least was the Cane Corso and this dogs cock was "HUGE" it was around twelve inches long and about five inches thick at least and the knot was the size of a small melon!

It took some doing but I took all but the knot into my mouth I soon had jaw ache so turned and got my brother to guide him into my already fucked and stretched ass,

It hurt like hell as the knot entered me and it was not coming out anytime soon as the knot actually began swelling more.

I was locked for a good twenty minutes and sucked my brothers cock again while I was flooded with way more cum than I had ever had from a single dog, when he finally pulled from my ass my brother held a jug under me and when I stopped dripping there was almost a litre in it, I sucked the Corso's cock clean and drained every last drop of its cum before we left for the next place on the agenda.

We arrived at a local dogging spot where over the last few years I have had many dogs and their owners, I had messaged my favourite dogs' owners and arranged for them to show up at the location over a two-hour period, I had set up a gazebo with windows in all walls so I could be watched and put a blanket down for cleanliness and to stop my Lingerie being ruined on wet Stoney ground.

I was soon knotted by a nice Labrador and sucking on its brother while the owner watched, as soon as the first Lab pulled free it was replaced in my ass by its brother and I got to suck both the owner and the first Lab's cocks together. I was soon filled at both ends with fresh cum.

Next was a black Alsatian and a German Shepard (one is short haired the other long haired) I followed the same routine with both the dogs and their owner, he went around behind me and when his German Shepard pulled out I sucked it clean while he jerked off and sprayed his cum into my gaping cum filled ass.

I was fucked and sucked by eight more dogs during the rest of the two hours, and there was another Boxer a Dalmation a Weimaraner a Bull Mastiff two Huskey's a Great Dane and my brother's Cane Corso again.

I was really tired now and my ass was stretched to its limit and no longer closing between sessions with dogs, we went to my brother in laws place last and I wasn't disappointed by what was waiting for me, He had convinced two of his friends to bring their dogs around to his,

We went into his conservatory where I was bent over a sawhorse type thing and had my ancles and wrists tied to the legs, I was now introduced to the dogs and first was another Great Dane, this dog pummelled my ass for longer than any other had that day and I got to suck its owner... well I say suck, it was more like being fucked in the throat and I loved it, when the Dane pulled free there was an audible splat as it's cum hit the floor It was replaced with a Dog De Bordo,

while it was fucking before knotting me, I was presented with three cocks to take turns sucking and deep throating then I felt something different as another cock was being pushed into my ass alongside the dogs.

I turned for a moment and saw a black dude shoving his cock into me, my wife had arranged this as nobody else would fuck my ass alongside a dog I was fucked like this for about half an hour before being filled by the dog and had four loads of spunk sprayed onto my face and ass cheeks.

I ended the day sucking and being fucked by my two Rottweilers again, so my new personal record is eighteen different dogs and some of them multiple times so in total I was knotted twenty-two times and got to suck fourteen different men as well, the next day my wife gave me a bottle that all the cum that had been caught was now in.

It took me two days to drink it all (nearly two litres)

well today 19/11/2022 my wife gave me a photo album of the day, all the dogs had a two-page spread each and there was a picture of them being sucked, entering, knotting & Cumming into me and one of me sucking the owner as well, she also gave me a memory card with video footage of the day as well,




I am a married male in my fifties, I am also a crossdressing slut whenever I get the chance, that said I have done some things that have even amazed me at how perverted they were.

Well a couple off months ago the Stable's next to my home were knocked down for a new house to be built, I am quite sad about this as I have had many sexual experiences in those stables.

They include a couple of gangbang sessions where I was used by up to six men, being caught sucking and being fucked by a pony when it's owner (a friend luckily) turned up unexpected and several sessions with my dogs fucking me.

Now as I said I am very unhappy they have gone but for my wedding anniversary my wife has given me a large black dildo and my mother has given me a new dress and a horse cock dildo, when I asked why she had got me those she simply said that she thought I would like them.

So it may not be the real thing but if I get a fuck machine it wont be far off. xx




Well the result of my actions in July have finally landed and my life is ruined.

To explain I am a married crossdressing male and a bit of a slut if the truth be told, well in july I had a conference call booked for 1pm, Having the morning to myself I took the oportunity to dress up, I put on black lacy lingerie My favourite blonde wig did my makeup and was about to put on a loverly pink dress when the phone rang,

It was our neighbour who I have had some great sex with, he was asking as my wife was out did I fancy a good fucking.

Ten minuets later I had his cock balls deep in my throat and as a great bonus his brother was also there and he was thrusting himself into my ass, I lost track of the time and was soon being watched by ten of my work colleagues as I was being spit roasted by two well hung black guys.

I was oblivious to the fact and took two loads of spunk onto my face when I saw my laptop screen and the three people who were still watching, since then I have lost my job my neighbour has moved and my wife now sleeps in a seperate bedroom, he only upside is that I am now earning cash by prostituting myself to my former work mates and have all the cock and cum I can handle.