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Me and my husband are pretty kinky. I told one of my friends about the stuff we do and she didnt believe me so I invited her to join us. I dont think she was ready for our level of depravity. She watched as me and my husband alternated licking each others assholes and then he quickly finished inside me while my friend watched. Once he was done he walked over to her and basically forced his dick in her mouth. Watching her gag made me so hot and it got him hard again. I told my friend to strip and follow me to the bathroom and i got her in the tub. My husband bent me over my friend and started fucking my ass while my friend was in the tub. After a few minutes I started cumming and i had a full bladder so i just let it go all over my friend. She kind of laughed but then my husband came in my ass and i told her to eat me out. While she was licking me I pushed my husbands cum out onto her throat and chest. I also shit a little. And as she has her tongue inside me, my husband aims at my face and chest and pees on me and it runs off onto my friend. After that i fingered my friend and convinced her to try and poop while i was fingering her. She laid out a big turd while i had 3 fingers inside her. After we cleaned up i watched my husband fuck her from behind while she ate me out. The whole time i called her a nasty slut, a cum dump, pussy licking bitch, my husbands cumslut, i asked her if she liked being used. My husband came inside her and i fingered her while she sucked hubbys cock. OMG it was so awesome. My friend definitly belives my stories now.




Day two of my trip started just like day one with me getting dressed in lingerie and heels doing my makeup and putting my wig on before selecting my mornings entertainment.

This was going to be an equine day so my first choice was a Shetland pony, I was shown to a stable block and noticed that at each end there were rows of seats with a rail separating them from an area with sawdust on the floor and a bench type item in the middle, I asked what this space was used for and was told it was for live shows where people paid to watch sluts getting fucked by the animals for cash.

I noted that bit of information before going down on the now present pony's cock, it was getting nice and stiff after a short tie and it was around twelve inch's long and quite thick, I took as much as I could into my throat for the hell of it and managed around eight inch's.

I turned around and the handler guided the pony's cock into my ass, the pony knew what it was doing and thrust itself forward taking me by surprise as it was almost fully into me,

ten inch's of its cock had disappeared into my ass when it started thrusting itself back and fort making me moan so loud with pleasure I thought it was somebody else being fucked.

The handler asked if I wanted to suck his cock as he presented it to my face, I licked the tip before taking him balls deep into my throat, I was loving the feeling of being filled at both ends when the pony began pumping its spunk deep into my bowels, the handler pulled out of my mouth and pulled the pony toward me so I could lick and suck its cock clean while he shot his load onto the pony's shaft for me to lick off.

That was soon followed by a similar experience with a donkey, its cock was about eighteen inch's long about the same thickness but with a huge flared head that filled my mouth, after some licking and sucking I bent over the bench thing in the centre of the space and was mounted by the donkey and I took around twelve inches but the head was huge and prevented me taking the whole length of it's shaft, some frantic fucking took place and it pulled out of my ass several times before re-mounting me, the last time it RAMMED its cock into me almost pushing me over the bench before pumping a huge load of cum into me.

As it tried to pull out the flare of its head created a seal and it took some effort to get free so I could lick and suck its cock clean, as I was doing this I felt a fist being pushed into my now gaping arse.

The fist had been inserted to make sure I was stretched wide enough to take the Horse cock that was about to enter the room, I was soon being filled with a huge horse cock while still sucking the donkey's cock, soon the donkey was lad away and I settled for sucking the handlers cock.

My morning ended with me struggling to walk as I had taken such a fucking, I sat down to eat and was given a pot of dip that turned out to be a mix of horse and donkey cum from my own ass!,

My afternoon was spent sucking a male Lama's cock while being repeatedly fucked by the equine handlers and at one point I had two of them in my ass at the same time, the Lama's cum was so thick and creamy unlike the horse and pony cum but it was also quite sour so I didn't swallow it, I ended my second day with the pony re-fucking me before being gangbanged by the handlers again who all pumped their cum onto my face.

Day three was spent resting from animal cock but I still managed to get spit roasted by a taxi driver and his mate to pay a taxi fare into the local town.

Day four next time!




I'm 28m but the confession starts when I was somewhere between 6-8 years old.

My mom and I lived in a trailer with her boyfriend in Texas. I don't remember his real name but everyone called him Tiny. But he was tall and big. Not fat. Just big.

I didn't have my own room so I slept on the floor next to their bed. One night I hear her moaning and the bed squeaking and shaking a lot. I peak my head up and she was getting fucked really hard.

The more it happened the braver I got. One night there was enough moonlight in the room for me to see everything. I remember watching them flip back and forth on top of each other. That's when I got hard. I started playing with myself watching my mother ride his cock really hard. She was and still is a short skinny woman but with perfect sized tits and a nice bubbly ass. I would watch her ass grind back and forth and I would squeeze my little cock wishing she was on top of me like that. I saw her take it really hard underneath Tiny. Her small tits bouncing with every thrust.

I had a giant stuffed bee at the time. When they weren't there I would fuck it pretending it was my mom and she was telling me how much she loved me while I fucked her. I couldn't cum but I felt really good during the kind of orgasms I had back then. I was training myself to cum inside her over and over again until I was to tired to do anything else.

I wish I could be alone with her now. Tell her how much I really love her.




I’m a Female in my 20s I’m very much into beastiality I’ve been knotted , sucked dog cock and have been licked I also enjoy watching men suck off dogs get there cock licked and also fuck animals I’d love to do beastiality again




I have been fucking my mom inlaw Irene for 20 years she is a fantastic fuck for a 65yt old lady. She tells me to fuck her hard and to putalot of my cum in mom in law pussy.shehas Avery hairy pussy and she cums slot. Wefuck in every position. Her eyes roll back in her head as she moans and cums. She wraps her legs around me as impound her motherly pussy. She has lovely titsthati suck.we french kiss she really fucks me hard. L love her no one knows




so when I was 8 cps took me away for stuff that are not relevant. anyways, in my 2nd foster home, my foster dad was nice but also quiet and we weren't really close at first. that was, until my foster mom would start to go out more and I needed help with my streches and dances for cheer ( I was 9-10 in 4th & 5th grade )

he would help me stretch then slowly move his hands up my thigh to feel me through my shorts. I'd stop things from escalating, but he only continued.

it would be late in the afternoon when he would come into my room when no one else was home that he would sit on my bed, take off my covers and try to feel me up. When I would resist, he would 'play fight' and use it as an excuse to pin me down and and rub me through my clothes. Then he'd feel my breasts and tell me how Ive grown since moving into their house.

one day, after school, I walk into my room and see my foster parents' room door open and when I look inside, there he is, fully naked. I couldn't help but look at his large cock and we made eye contact before I scurried to help make dinner. but from then on, everyday after school, he'd leave the door open for me to see him fully naked, with his long, thick, hard cock out. It always made me feel butterflies, and I secretly always looked on purpose.

one day, no one was home and he was left to take care of a family members baby. I went into his room and sat on the bed after ge invited me and that's when he started to slowly put his hand inside my pants. He kept the conversation going like normal as he slowly rubbed my wet clit. He began to pull down his pants, but just then, the baby woke up crying and I ran off.

one day I had to go in for surgery in my mouth and when speaking to the doctors, he asked if he could feel the inside of my pants mid surgery to make sure I didn't wet myself. the next day, when we were alone, he told me how I was starting to slowly grow hair down there and how my holes were small but moist.

one day, it was dark out and I was watching TV when he sits next to me. he starts tickling me out of nowhere starts to pull the zipper of my onesie down as he begins to roughly kiss me. he makes his way down to my neck and it feels really, REALLY good. I wrap my legs around him and try to get as much friction as possible and ge kisses my sweet spot more but when I let out a moan, he stops.

he goes to his room and I go to the bathroom and see I have a hickey. I pass by his room and see him jacking off.

I felt disgusting, but now I want nothing more than for a man to pin me down, rape me, use me as a cum dumpster liek the useless slut that I am. I'm addicted to porn, especially taboo and reading these sick stories. I masturbate almost every day getting off to these older men, and even women molesting and raping children. I'm 14 now and a virgin and all I want is an older daddy/mommy to use and spoil me. I know I'm sick but I can't help myself




I'm the manager of a RV park. One night a old pick up pulling a old camp trailer pulled up wanting to rent a RV spot.i could smell whiskey on her breath. I also noticed a pretty little girl sleeping in the front seat. I had to fill out the paperwork because she was to hammered and I backed her trailer next to me. It was only her and her 8 yrs daughter who was laying in the seat of the truck wearing panties and a night shirt. I tried not to notice but I could see her underwear slipping in her little pussy..the next morning I was sitting at the table drinking coffee when I saw the new neighbors little girl sitting on my porch playing with the puppy our rottweiler had 9 weeks ago. I had one left so I kept him. the little girl was still wearing the same things she wore the night before. I walked out and ask her about her mom and was she awake yet no she said. I asked her to come in and I would fix her a bowl of cereal. She came in she asked if Cain my puppy could come in I told her he could.. she sat down and ate her cereal and I could see her little bold pussy because her underwear was way to big and I could see everything even her asshole. My dick was throbbing and I was wanting to climb down and lick her sexy little pussy . I watched as she got down on the floor playing with Cain her legs were spread apart Cain went straight to hear pussy licking her. she started giggling as he drove his tongue inside her pussy. I pretended not to notice as she gave out a little moan.cain was going crazy on her little pussy. she laid back and the next thing she did almost made me cum. She opened her legs wide and with one hand pulled her pussy open for Cain. My dick was leaking cum like crazy but I didn't want to cum at that time but I couldn't stop Cain ether. I told her I had to go outside for a few minutes.i had to cool down. I stood just outside when I heard the floor squeak I had for got about pam my wife. I walked in and pam was sitting on the floor asking who she was.i told her about last night and her mom was sleeping. That's when I noticed Pam's eyes looking down at her pussy. Pam moved back letting Cain back in the picture. He went straight for her pussy. Pam's eyes got wide looking at me but I pretended not to notice Cain eating her little pussy. I looked for my coffee cup and Pam's eyes went back to watch Cain licking her pussy. I watched Pam's hand slide down to her pussy and start fingering herself forgetting I was in the room as I was grinding my dick on the kitchen table watching pam watching Cain licking the girls pussy. Pam's face turned a lite shade of red as she had a quiver I knew she was cumming. Suddenly she came back to earth as she looked at me with a strange look on her face. I knew what she was thinking she wanted to eat her little pussy and she could tell by my dick almost bursting through my pants I wanted to fuck her..I remembered I didn't even know her name. I told pam to take her home and have a talk with her mom. She did and they both came back holding hands. she walked up told me her mom was sleeping on the couch naked and she put a blanket over her and we left. So I wrote a note telling her she was at my house. We did find out her name it was jenny . Pam said she was going to give her a bath and she took her to the bathroom. After a few minutes I snuck up to the bathroom door and I could hear pam talking real low I cracked the door open just a little a pam was washing Jenny's little pussy actually she was fingering her. The look on Jenny's face said she loves it so I kept watching then I heard pam asked jenny if she likes it she said yes mommy does it different that gave pam to go ahead. She asked how she does it she said she licks me here and pointed to her clit. Pam said like this and stuck her tongue in her little pussy. I had my dick out and stroking hard when I heard a knock at door. It was Jenny's mom stumbling trying to stand up I told pam she was at the door. Pam dried her off while I answered the door. She asked if her daughter was here. I told her she fell in the mud and pam was cleaning her up. . She said she was sick and could I send her home later. I said she was fine just go lay down and get some rest and we would watch her. So she did just like that.i told pam she was gone and then I said Carrie on she gave me a look like she was busted. I told her I saw you and keep going if I can help. She said give me five minutes.i walked in pam had her naked and on the bed eating her little pussy. I stripped and moved over her face and guided my dick to her mouth and asked if she ever sucked a dick she said no.i put it on her lips but she didn't know what to do I moved away from her face and told pam I wanted to eat her pussy for a minute.she did move I started eating her little wet pussy and pam jumped on my dick. It was so hot to lick a little pussy like that. I didn't last long when I knew I was about to cum I moved up and squirted my cum all over her pussy. That's when pam moved over and cleaned my cum off her pussy. That's the first time with a little girl. True story