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So my gf at the time cheated on me with another guy. I found out and confronted her. She begged and begged for me not to go. So for a month she cooked cleaned and fucked me as much as I wanted. During that time I found the guy and planned to fuck his gf or sister, but he didn't have either one. So I did the next best thing. I aimed at his mom.

It took a bit, but I gamed her up and set up the game plan. I told her another woman would be involved and told my gf I wanted a threesome. She wanted me to stay, so she agreed.

His mom paid for the big hotel room with a gorgeous shower and in room jacuzzi.

The day came and me and my gf arrived to the room. We went in and there his mom was. She had her makeup done, hair done, in a tight black dress and Red heels. My gf was in a tie top and skirt with red fishnets under it. We did shots and got to business.

I sat in the edge of the bed while they took turns sucking my cock and balls. It was amazing! They competed to see who was better, so after a bit, I grabbed both there heads and pushed them to kiss. They weren't to interested in girl on girl but they did it. I talked them into kissing and sucking on each other's tits.

I pushed my gf on her back and had the mom eat her pussy and she did it reluctantly. As she was, I took the time to fuck the mom from the back. I pounded her and told her that is she messed up her lipstick, she was going to have to take it in her ass. I think she messed it up on purpose.

I pulled out of her and made her clean herself off my dick while my gf put on the strap I'd brought, one that has a dick end, but also rubs against her clit while she's using it. Once it was on and lubed, I told my gf to stick it in the mom's ass and she did. My gf was fucked her hard! Her body was jerking forward on my cock. So I started thrusting, fucking the dude's mom from the other end while my gf fucked her ass.

I got close to coming so I pulled out to let my gf continue to fuck the mom. She said she needed a break, so we stopped for a little bit. The mom said she couldn't take the dildo in her ass anymore, but she would give me a chance. I had my gf lay down and the mom mount her, and then I lubed up and went in. She was moaning loud! She'd never been DPed before and she was loving it. My girl was moaning loud too because the dildo was working on her clit. My gf was losing it from cumming too much while I kept working them both. My gf ended up becoming a sloppy mess and needed us to stop, so we got off her and I cleaned up a little before fucking the dude's mom while my girl laid next to us. When I finally busted, I made my girl lick it out of her and spit it into the mom's mouth. She went for it like a fucking slut.

We all went to sleep, and when I woke up a few hours later, I climbed back on the mom and took a picture of us. She smiled in the camera and then turned over so I could bone her prone. That woke my gf up and she stroked my back and encouraged me to cum again.

After I did, this time coating the mom's belly, I took another picture. Then we all put clothes on and left because it was close to check out time.

When we got in the car to leave, I told my gf that that was the dudes mom and sent the pics over to him. She was surprised by it but didn't really worry about it, thinking he'd never find out, but he started blowing up her phone 5 minutes later. She got mad, but I reminded her she'd fucked his mom too, and that ended her contact with the dude.

I think my plan to get back at them both worked.




My mum Is a slut or what we call in Britain a hoe. She likes young men and has pics and videos of her have been leaked (not online though).

At a new years party, she lived up to her image she was chatting with all my mates and letting them buy her drinks and flirt with her. One of my mates went for it and pinned her against the wall in the loo while I watched from the other stall.

She has no idea I saw her melt against the wall. My mate saws next time he'll leave the door open for me.




This happened last year on Thanksgiving. My mother was staying with us for Thanksgiving and she decided that she wanted to cook. My wife working overnight so it was just me and her. I had some blow and a bottle of wine so me and her started getting fucked up, basically just drinking all night.

Out of nowhere she starts telling me how my wife told her about our sex life. My mother is black, obsessed with white men, and I guess because my skin is light enough, she started thinking. She wondered if my dick was "white" or "black" in her words.

Since we were both under the influence I took a chance and I asked her if she wanted to see it. She hesitated at first but then said yes. I whipped it out and started stroking it to get it hard for her so she could judge. I asked her if she wanted to touch it and surprisingly she didn't hesitate.

She started playing with it so I said fuck it and I started feeling up on her ass. My mother was wearing a night gown so I lifted it up and started really feeling up all over her. I pulled down her panties and turned her around and she was too drunk to really protest.

I put it in and started fucking the shit out of her. Keep in mind that my mother is a little overweight, so she has a fat ass. I was gripping her ass cheeks and ramming it hard, clapping those cheeks. I've never heard my mother moan before so that shit was turning me on like crazy and that's when I noticed something. When I'm about to cum, I start shaking, and my mother started doing the same thing. I thought about pulling out, but I took too long to consider it, and I came inside her. It felt fucking awesome.

2 hours later she came in my bedroom while I was coming down, and she wanted to talk about what happened. I guess it was a little fuzzy for her. I realized she had gotten rid of the cum soaked panties, so she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

This time, I pulled her into the bed started sucking on her big, floppy titties. We both knew that my wife was going to be home soon, so we didn't waste any time. I climbed on top of her and pounded away until I came again and she was a hot fucking mess.

We had to change the sheets quickly before my wife came home, but it was the best Thanksgiving ever!!!




Visited my daughter (f18) during her spring break before she went back to college this past weekend. My wife and I (38/37) had a hotel room and we gave her one to herself but connecting doors. First night, after dinner, I heard her what I can only assume was her getting off. The next morning, I found her dildo in her bag when I was looking around her room.

Later, my wife and daughter had a conversation when they thought I was sleeping in the next room and she showed my wife some nudes that she had taken for some guys she was chatting with. My wife commented on them as a "cool mom" would, giving her feedback, talking about her new piecings (boobs) etc.

So Sunday came around, and my wife and daughter went shopping, and my daughter forgot her phone. I had a hell of a time, but I got it unlocked and got to see the photos my girl. As I always knew, she is hot, and I managed to install aidroid and make it invisible, so I've been monitoring my daughters phone since.

I have never been more drained in my life.




Everytime I see a girl 13-17 post how they want to be fucked by an older guy I just wish I could be the one to do it. I'm 27




hi, i'm 19F, and after having a fucked up childhood/teenage years - my life has finally gotten way better but i keep finding that my fantasies have worsened way more. i'm now completely obsessed with the idea of my body being covered in bruises, not just hickies, but actual marks of abuse. the idea of being slapped around and hit gets me so wet, it hurts. i love imagining a man, older than me & athletic, fucking me as hard as he can while hitting me over and over again. i would be there, completely dominated by him and screaming his name until it's done. god, i want this so bad.. what is wrong with me?




I have to admit its with a bit of shame that I write this as I have pedo fantasies. It happened after a family gathering when I was 20 years old. one of my autns was covering one of my cousins with a towel so she could change. She must have been 9 at the time. Then she must have lost her grip and dropped the towel and my cousin was naked. I remember turning over as she screamed and seeing her perfect lil body naked and dripping water. At first I would avoid thinking about it but one night I couldnt stop dreaming about it and actually came in my sleep. After that I would masturbate while looking at family photos and I even managed to steal one of her panties. Im ashamed to admit that I would cum harder and would last longer while I thought about her than with any woman. Today I am married and have a daughter of my own. I would never hurt her as I love her like a father would a daughter however sometimes i do wonder if her naked body is like my cousins and I touch myself. I know this makes me a monster however its something I cannot control but the pleasure I feel from masturbating fantasizing about my daughter is a lot better than when I fuck my wife.