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The idea of swinging came up because of my wife. She is bisexual and wanted a nice pair of tits in her face. She suggested that we start swinging and that it would be fun for me because I would get to watch her with a woman. I nervously agreed.

It started with us talking with couples. She ended up cheating by going out of our agreement and fucking one of the men, a guy about half our age, behind my back.

I was a bit fucked up when found out, but I realized it so hot to be cucked. She's done it again a couple times now, and while it made me feel like shit at first, I love when she comes home and let's my fuck her pussy still slimy with his cum.




I (female) have a friend from my previous work place. I won't say where because it was a professional place, and the fact that she and I would hang out after work was just the wrong kind of thing to get us in trouble. Anyway, she had a son, who was 16 at the time of the incident described below (just before covid). I used to go over pretty regularly and hang out with her. She was a single mom so I tried to help her where I could with her kid, took him to games after his school etc. We celebrated holidays and everything together.

Anyways, one night I got message from her saying she was stood up and asked if I wanted to come get drunk with her so the bottle of wine she splurged on didn't go to waste. I don't drink wine but I was like 'hey okay, I'll come drink a glass with you and we can watch some trash tv'.

It was a chill evening. We smoked, another thing that would get us fired, and drank and watched tv and then I realized at about midnight I was a little to buzzed to drive home. She said I should just crash on her couch as she tossed me a blanket. She stayed up for about another hour before tossing in the towel and stumbling to bed. I heard her banging around before things went quiet and snuggled down into her couch to rest.

At about 4am I was woken up by someone coming into the room. The couch I was on you could see the hall leading to the bedrooms. I had fallen asleep and apparently slept wildly because when I was startled awake, I opened my eyes to see her son, standing there with slightly wide eyes just staring at me. I was confused at first until I looked down and saw my tits and eaten my tank top. I laughed nervously and fixed my shirt while he just shook his head saying something about his mom drinking again before turning back to head into the bedroom.

I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't. Laying there still too buzzed to drive I grabbed my phone, turned the volume super low and start watching porn. (I can explain), I wasn't getting laid at the time and it helped me to feel relax and get sleep, I was so into it with my fingers in my cunt that I hadn't realized I wasn't all the way covered up. I didn't think about the fact that if I could see down the hall, the people down the hall could see me. About ten minutes in, I'm soaking and like you can hear it when I thrust my fingers in and out. I happen to sit up to readjust and when I happen to glance up I see her son again. Standing in the hallway by the bathroom door like he was going in but stopped. My face immediately went red because like, how TF do you explain being knuckle deep on his mom's couch?

I obviously go to cover up as quick as I can when I hear him go 'wait..' Kid was ballsy as fuck for a teenager. I hesitated, my fingers out of my cunt now, it still visible. He's looking at me with a super heavy look in his eyes and he's breathing a little ragged. I looked down towards his hips and notice a bulge. He asks if he can come sit down, and I just nodded. I was still sitting with my legs spread, my buzzed self not really having the reaction time sober me does. He sits down and looks over at me, the bulge in his pants super noticeable. He tells, in a very quiet voice because his mom is sleeping that that was really hot and asked me if I would let him watch. Once again, ballsy as fuck kid. I contemplated it for a second and decided why TF not. I was obviously way less sober than I thought. Plus... it's not like I was fucking him. He was just watching, and he had a phone with internet access. Shit, covid forced me into OF, so now I'm sure a bunch of 16 year old boys have watched me do this, but this time was the first and the only time I knew the kids age.

So I agree and as I'm laying back to go back to fucking myself and this ballsy fuck asks me to pull my tits out like they were earlier. I did, my nipples hard as fuck. I startES fucking myself again, but I'm buzzed and very horny. A bad combination. I started teasing him. 'I bet you've been jacking off to my cleavage in your room huh?' and other fucked up shit like that. Remember, I've been an aunt to this kid for a couple years now...

As I'm shoving my fingers in me, he stands up, and fucking Mr. Ballsy asks if it's okay if he touches himself. I mean, the kid asked for consent, so I was super impressed. I said yes, of course. And let's be honest, fucked up half-buzzed, half-cumdrunk me was wanting to see how big he was because that bulge was tremendous.

He unbuttons his pants and his dick kinda pops out. Its biggish, at least 7.5 and has proper girth. I felt myself get even wetter and watched as he started stroking to me. We went like this for a few minutes, mutually masturbating, when Ballsy Mr. Bigshot asks if he can touch my tits. Again, kid went for consent and I was like so turned on at this point I was like 'fuck it, go for it.' He starts pinching my nipples and in no time I'm fucking myself hard. I was at the point that I had no fucks left to give and he's starting to breathe hard.

That's when this fucking kid asks me to touch his cock. And I was so gone, I didn't even think about it. I just sat right up, grabbed his cock, and pulled him into my mouth. Of course, thinking now, that was illegal and wrong, but at the time, I wasn't not thinking. He inhaled super hard and slapped his hand over his mouth to keep from waking his sleeping mom just down the hallway. His other hand went to the back of my head. He must have learned that from porn because he later admitted it was his firs time. But he did it like a pro.

I gave him head for like five minutes before my jaw was like 'bitch this dick to thick you better stop' and I popped him out my mouth. He visibly twitched after seeing the drool on my tits. I am turned on I leaned back, spreading my legs open. Without thinking, I rubbed my clit and told him he could fuck me. I realize this was really where I crossed the legality line, but I'm sure you've been in my situation before.

He said absolutely nothing while he moved close and shoving his cock in my soaking pussy. It felt fucking amazing. He was thick and the kid was a fucking natural considering that it was his first time (admittedly). Granted, it didn't last long, just a few minutes of him pumping his cock into me, groaning and moaning, but I was so close already, I was done before he was. I had to clamp my mouth shut to keep from waking his mom, but he unloaded in me a moment after that, so we were good.

When we finished, he shuffled back to his room and I passed out. When I woke up his mom was still sleeping so I just left a note saying I had gone home and went home before anyone woke up.

And that was it for us. I saw her at work, of course, and we gossipped, but kid did not snitch and his mom never found out. Then covid happened and we both lost our jobs. I'm still friends with her on social media and now that kid is an adult, I've slid into his DMs. That's how I know I was his first, and he's confessed that he still thinks about how amazing it was.




Once every couple of weeks, me and a few other Dads get together in my barn and put some of our home-made porn on the big theater screen. We get comfortable and pass around the lotion and all begin stroking our cocks.

As we get turned on, partly by the homemade porn of our girls made by the other guys (the girls have no idea we share these videos) and partly by being in the company of other like minded men, we lose all inhibitions.

Sometimes we invite a nearby prostitute over, but once we brought one of the neighbor girls into the barn. She was a confused 14 year old pretending to be 18 on tinder, but we knew... Eventually her hands cupped my neighbors balls and we encouraged her to stroke until he unloaded.

The first one to shoot tried to get as much of her face as coated as possible. Before long, thick jets of creamy spunk were flying through the air and hitting her arms and thighs.

We all left quietly until next time. Our Daddy's secret club is even secret to our girls, but as time goes on, we are starting to talk about actually bringing one of daughters to the barn...




I had sex with my 5 year old sister! Im currently 14 and I have had sex with three boys but this is the best that my pussy has ever felt in my life she madd me squirt I came at least seven times and she peed . Her pussy is so soft and wet I cant take it! She wanted it more than me she moaned and sucked my nipples and rubbed her pussy on my ass wtf. I licked her clit and asshole and we grinded on each other pussy until I became dizzy. It feels like she was the one in charge I feel guilty because im the oldest but she wanted it and she moaned and came




I like older women. My wife of 10 years is 12 years older me. We have 2 smaller children age 2 and 8. I am 38 years old and my wife is 50. My was and I were friend with benefits for a while and I fell deep in love with her. I decided accidentally get her pregnant before she moved on. I was easy. We used rubbers as birth control. She is can't take the pill for whatever reason. Although she was able to get the marina insert just fine after she had our daughter. Anyway, I just made sure I got her really drunk on her important days and I just did't use a rubber and made sure we were doggy when i filled her up. I also would break the rubber. She because pregnant the second month after I decided I was going to get her pregnant. What can I say. I was 28 or 29 fucking this hot ass 40 year old 5-5 130 pound C-cup curvy cute blondie. She was just separated from her husband. I think that also had something to do with why I wanted to get her pregnant. She was property of another man. His insurance paid for the birth. My daughter had his last name. And she looks good naked. She takes care of herself. She has laser hair removal and works out. And, and, the sex is the best. She has 3 kids with her X husband. they are older now. But she leaks breast milk. as in now. The most erotic thing is me sitting on the couch with her riding me while i nurse from her. When we were having sex a long everyday. I could suck 2 oz from her. During the pandemic We fucked so much, i suckwd her breast so much that she had to pump her breast when I wasn't around for the day because they would hurt because they were fun of milk. We fucked so much that i knocked her marina out and got her pregnant at 47.

To life after our first baby was born. We never had sex and argued all the time about every thing. Two years into and i start thinking about leaving. I mean fuck thing. Meg's sister Kim is a slut. She is a couple years younger and has 5 kids with like 5 guys. One of them is black and she doesnt remember fucking a black guy - yeah right. I think meg was also ready to kick me out and wanted to have sex and so on. Well Kim is a swinger and at a swinging party (my first) I draw Kim's key and Meg draws some guy. Meg and I were only there as watchers and got drunk and threw our keys in the bowl. The guy had a room there at the hotel. Kim and lives down the road. I told Meg to do it and I was going to go home and drop off Kim. I get to Kim's house and she wants me to come in. I do. We have drinks. Talk til 4 in the morning. We fuck. We meet back for breakfast so Kim can get her car and pick up her boyfriend. I confess to Meg and she tells me that she wanted me to and that she wants to do this again. Meg and I fucked when we got home and it was great. Once or twice a month we would got out and hook up with other swingers. Kim would bring a guy she was seeing over and we would swap. Kim and I also hooked up outside of swinging. So did Meg. This has gone on for the past 6 years. And my my 2 year old is mine. I secretly did a DNA test. The other men Meg has been with all have vasectomies i guess.

Now for my niece Vicky. Vicky is Kim's olest daughter. Vick is 31. Kim had her when she was till in high school. Vicky is like her mother. Been with 50 guys. Has a couple kids with different guys. Vicky is how I met Meg. I was screwing her then I switched to Meg. I could never get serious with her because she is half black. I want all white kids. Well, Vicky walked in on Kim and I fucking. She has a little convo with her mother Kim, while my cock was in her. Vicky sat down at the edge of the bed and watched us. When I came in Kim and rolled off. Vicky got up and cleaned me off. Kim told her that was gross. Vicky told Kim " you think I never sucked a dick that fucked you before, You are mistaken". This whole thing is blowing my mine and I get hard again. And then Vicky takes her close off and I fuck her while Kim is right there. She says after a couple minutes. You have fun, I am going to clean up.. I have whisky dick and can't cum. but I fuck Vicky hard for about 45 minutes. This leads to me fucking Vicky every chance I get. Then eg gets a week long teaching job. That we I came in Vicky 5 times a day. And Vicky is telling me to get her pregnant. Vicky is 4 months pregnant. She wants to move in with Meg and I. Meg hasn't talked to me for 3 weeks. 2 weeks ago. I gave her a bunch of sleeping pills and when she was pasted out. I removed her marina. I watched a youtube video and it was simple. I think getting meg pregnant is the best thing right now. She is health and active. She can have one more baby at 50. Plus. How you guys have every know guy and that got a 50 year old woman pregnant.




Forgive my english as it is not my first language. And Holi is a festival in India which we throw color and water on friends and family for fun.

This year I was fortunate to play Holi with my family, after a long time in hostel and school. She has those big boobs and probably D cups tits. I groped her boobs and applied color on her chest and threw lots of water on her, so that her boob shape was visible clearly. She laughed and thought it was fun.

I masturbated like 5 times that day. I hope I can do something else with her during the next holiday.




I (40f) had sex with my son (19m). I don’t regret it now as long as my son won’t in the future (it seems like he won’t)

My son and I did the deed recently, I have never been married. I had my son at an extremely young age. His father wasn’t around for anything. I feel horrible for him. He knows the father wasn’t even there for his birth. He is an only child. Which is good in some ways and bad in others. We are at least financially stable in a world that’s becoming increasingly expensive…that’s a good thing.

I am 40 years old, very white almost pale, I got double D’s, really no butt (or at least it’s medium at best but still on the smaller side) and I got a beautiful face according to my son. His friends all sort of hit on me but in a way that they won’t offend my son. I,e hugs last way to long, they stare at me kind of weirdly. And make a lot of compliments lol It’s pretty obvious… oh and I’m 5’4 tall..

One night when it was just him and I he brought up how attractive I was. He had taken me to the beach earlier and I think that sparked him to push things. He opened up to me on his depression, the fact that his girlfriend leaving him a year or so ago hurt him. He started rubbing my legs and told me “I’m the most attractive person he knows and he would like to kiss me”. I felt a taken back by this but he went for it. I too went got into it and he picked me up and carried me to my room (i have a nice queen bed he still only has a full size). Well we made love, I didn’t hold back. I told him mid way through I can tell he’s had all these pent up hormones.

You see incest has never been wrong in my eyes. I don’t believe in the cultural norm about most things. Not to mention my son is very lean and attractive. We didn’t go sleep till almost 4 am that night. We laid there talking then he went to his room.

I don’t regret it and I know right now he enjoyed it and doesn’t either. That was part of our discussion. It was beneficial and if anything helped our bond. He said “that was amazing and the best experience he’s ever had sexually”.

I don’t think we’ll do it again. I can’t risk anyone finding out either since we’ll it’s VERY illegal… but it does feel good talking about it on here.

I’m not gonna give out to many details but I will say since he has made me confident about legs now. That is what turns my son on so much about me other than my face. He said and I quote “I’m a legs man and you have the most attractive soft legs”. Lol he was very into those much more than my breast. This was actually his first time sucking on my boobs since he has only been been bottle fed.

Some of the things he said I think were a little to far during intercourse but I understand he was horny… like “your p**sy is mine“. When the reality is it’s mine and I didn’t have to agree to having sex. I helped him out and his confidence though and went with it “yes honey it’s yours, it’s yours! Not to mention it felt so freaking good.

I haven’t been laid in forever so I borderline screaming when he got into it…. It’s been so long since I’m working alot I don’t have time and none of my friends have introduced me to anyone.