I went snorkeling with my roommate when we were in Puerto Vallarta over spring break. He pulled my swim suit down and I almost drowned. Not being able to pull my swim suit up, he held me by my dick while we tread water. He told me that he wouldn't let me pull my suit up until I promised to let him suck my dick and fuck him. He hadn't come all that way to go home a virgin.

I wasn't attracted to guys, but I had to promise. At the hotel he sucked my dick and used his hand to get me to cum while he sucked me. He wanted a full on fuck, he wanted to lay on his stomach and have me get on his back and fuck him. He used some of the goop for his hair as a lubricant and soon I was fucking him until got to the point of having to cum in him. I got off and went straight to the washbasin to wash my dick clean.

He slept with me that night, and insisted on kissing. He held my dick in his hand and asked to be kissed softly on the lips, while he said he loved me. I had to fuck him again the next morning after we had showered, he just got on the bed naked and told me to get on him.

When we got back to college he insisted we were a queer couple. It wasn't open or anything like that at that time, it was quite the opposite. But he kept sucking my dick and I kept fucking him, and he insisted we make out and sleep naked. I slept naked with him for the rest of the semester. When summer break came I told him I was going to work that summer at my family's feed store. He told me he had to take summer classes.

I got letters from him almost every day. Big love letters as to how he missed me. He shamed me into sending him letters telling him what I was doing. At night I had wet dreams in the sheets dreaming of fucking him. I took a long weekend and drove to see him. I kissed him and grabbed his dick in his pants and fucked him right out on his bed that afternoon. I told him I loved him.

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