So this happened a few years ago when I got a part time job collecting glasses in a bar. I was a shy little kid about 5'4 blond hair and fairy scrawny. Think I was 15 or 16 at the time so I was masterbating alot. Started to find BBC hypno vids and would only cum to them. I wasn't gay and still am not it was just something about those huge black cocks that had me cumming so hard. Anyway where I live there aren't many black guys and I never found any men attractive but that was the type of porn I liked. Anyway I was working on this night and was a late shift so public transport had stopped running is I sheepishly ask if anyone was going my way for a lift home. One of the bouncers who was a big guy think he was eastern European or something said he'd take me. Anyway on the way home we were in his car just the two of us and we were chatting. He started asking me about my love life and how far I'd got with a girl. Me being a virgin and shy started to blush I mean I went bright red. He picked up on this and not sure how it happened but started to suggest that I actually liked cock. Now I was super red now and I told home no. I felt super intimidated this huge man calling me gay and suggesting I liked cock sent my mind straight to the videos id been watch all those years and I was getting really hard. He had this cheeky smile on him and he pulled the car in to a side street. I asked him what he was doing and as he parked he said " come on (name) if I pulled my cock out right here you wouldn't be sucking on it like a baby sucking on their finger". I blushed again and told him in a broken voice I wouldn't. Then I'll never forget it he said "let's see about that" and he undid his belt and slipped his pants down. I was trying to look away but he was stroking it and making it bigger and I caught a glance. It was huge I mean the man wasn't black but it looked just like the cocks in the videos id been watching of small white girls pleasuring BBC. I kind of did a double take and was so shocked I just stared at it for a while as he was stroking it. He said "come on kid I need to drain this snake and by the look on you you need this too, no one will find out." Still in shock I mumbled back "wow it's huge". And without meaning to kind of licked my lips a bit. He took this as a sigh to reach over and grab my wrist leading it closer to this monster. He wrapped my little hands around it and moaned "mmm that's a good little girl" I could have cum on the spot. He pulled his hand away and my hand just kind of stayed holding it. He said " stroke it up and down" and before I moved I looked up into his eyes and pleaded with him " no one will find out right?". He smiled and said "not if you do what I say, got it girl?" I nodded and slowly moving my hand up and down his huge cock. It was so thick and hard much bigger than my one. He told me to ask him if I could suck him off. I remembered the videos id been watching and they just kind of took over. I said " please daddy can I suck you huge cock I wanna taste it Soo bad daddy please". He looked at me a little in shock and laughed a bit then said "told you you couldn't say no you little cocksucking fag." With that I leaned over and put his tip I'm my mouth and began to such uncontrollably it felt so warn in my mouth so big and I loved it. After all those videos of me imagining BBC I had a real huge cock I'm my mouth and I loved it. He was moaning calling me names and pushing my head down it was such a blur. Until I could feel him getting harder and he said " gonna cum soon your gonna swallow all of my cum and not get any on my car seat you got that girl?" I moaned on his huge cock as he came down my throat. I swallowed it all and was a bit salty but wasn't bad tasting. We finished up he dropped me home and said he would bring me home from now on. I smiled and said sure but only if I could do that again. He said sure and said remember girl this is our little secret right? I said right and hoped down the path to my door.

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