So I’m 40m I live next to this single mother with two daughters. The mom (30)is a total smoke show fitness instructor. She will lay out on her back porch and sun tan in the smallest bikinis. She loves to spread her legs when she is on her back or front and I usually get a pretty good view. I’ve often hoped to see her topless. But she has yet to bless me with that view.

But I love her daughters. The oldest one is eight and the youngest is four. The eight year old loves to run around in little swimsuits. She often sports a mean camel toe and her breasts are just starting to grow. The little four year old is not found of wearing clothes.

I woke up the other day and she was running in my backyard to get her toy completely naked. When she looked over at me she didn’t realize I was as naked as she was. We both started at each other. My dick immediately started getting hard and her face got red and she giggled.

I could see her hard tiny pink little nipples and her cute little pussy lips. I asked her if she wanted to come in and watch cartoons she just ran away.

I hope she comes back over cause I’d love to let her play with my balls and have her suck on my dick.