For my birthday this year my wife had organised a trip to Hungary, the reasons for this are simple it is one of the few countries where bestiality is LEGAL!, to give context I am a mid fifties crossdressing slut, I have regular sex with male relatives and animals of various types.

The trip my wife had booked was a two week stay at a farm / animal brothel, I had a total of

55 hours with any animal I wanted over the two week stay, I decided to split my time into eight six hour days and a final seven hour day this left four days to look around the area after taking day one to settle in,

Day two I woke at 7am and began dressing in my lingerie and heels, I then did my makeup and put on my blonde wig before breakfast, After breakfast I was given a second "menu" this was a list of animals available for sex,

I went straight to the male section and chose two large dog breeds that I had never had before,

I was soon in an outbuilding with two dog handlers and a pair of Caucasian shepherds, I was eager to start and soon had a wonderful dog cock in my mouth, as I licked and sucked I was asked did I want to suck and be fucked by the handlers as well!

I soon had a cock in my ass stretching me a little before I could take the dogs cock, 5 minutes later and I had a load of cum in my ass which helped the dog slide in quickly, a few frantic minutes of humping later and I was knotted and sucking the handlers cock clean, I beckoned the other handler to bring the other dog closer and soon had its cock in my mouth, I was loving being spit-roasted with dog cocks and when the first knot slid from my ass I had it replaced quickly with the second dogs cock and greedily licked and sucked the first dog clean.

Once knotted by dog 2 I sucked the two handlers cocks and took their loads on my face before I got to lick and suck dog two clean, I was used repeatedly by both dogs for almost three hours before I had a break for lunch the afternoon was spent in a similar way but I was in a local villagers home being fucked by three locals and two mix breed dogs this action went on past the three hour mark but as all involved were happy I didn't get any extra charges.