This is the first time I am telling this to anyone...

I used to spy on my mom in the shower. It probably started when I was in 7th or 8th grade, around when I started dating girls, which would have put my mom in her late 30's at the time. I do not know why, but she ALWAYS left her bathroom door cracked open. I continued to spy on her whenever the opportunity presented itself for YEARS to follow. I even recall spying on her after I moved back in after graduating from college.

For some reference, my mom was attractive, tall for a woman at about 5'6" with fair skin. She was always conscious of her weight, so she definitely wasn't heavy, but wasn't skinny either. She had perky pale white b-cup breasts, but her best feature was her pale white ass which was big and round and sloped gently down to her thighs.

She never caught me once. I was pretty careful about it, only taking the chance when no one else was home. She also had pretty poor eyesight and removed her glasses when showering. Her shower doors were the clear glass variety, so while peeping through the opening in the door my biggest obstacles were the fogging glass and the occasional towel draped over one of the railings on the shower door. I made sure to quickly and quietly leave her bedroom the instant the water flipped off, followed by an immediate jerk-off session in my bedroom or bathroom.

For some context on me, I was a 3-sport athlete in high school, popular and good-looking (by most people's accounts). I dated the best looking girl in my grade, and was sexually active beginning my Sophomore year, so I was a pretty normal (and fortunate) kid.

That's about it, secret revealed! I'm a 31 year old male now. I still recall the butterflies I would get in my stomach and the amazing anticipation I would feel leading up to it. To this day the mother/son genre is still one of my favorite fantasies.